Somewhere in the streets of Rome…

Alvin: Hey Peterson, why don’t you start a blog? Seems like you have an opinion on everything related to travelling.

Peterson: Yeaaa… but I really don’t like to write.

Alvin: You can just give me the ideas, and I can write it for you. I don’t mind.

Peterson: Hmm naaaaaaaaaah…

(10 mins later)

OK fine, lets start a blog actually.

OneMoreWeekToGo about_dp
Left: Alvin Man | Right: Peterson Poon

Alvin: Hey there, my name is Alvin, and welcome to our blog!

Peterson: Hello! My name is Peterson, and this blog was the result of a spontaneous idea we had during our trip in Italy. The initial idea behind it was to have a place to share our passion for travelling with our friends and family.

Alvin: And then we thought, why not share it with everyone? I’m sure there are others who love this stuff as much as we do!

Peterson: Yup, and the moment we got back, Alvin started working on this site, and that is basically how it started. (That’s me by the way in the blog banner about to board my very first a380!)

Alvin: *All credits to me for that photo.*  We have a lot of fun with this blog, and we hope you’ll have just as much fun reading it.

Peterson: So sit back, relax, and enjoy our blog! –OneMoreWeekToGo

Our motivation

Okay, let me give you guys a bit more context.  In our blog, you’ll notice that a lot of our content revolves around planes and airports.  That’s because we’re both obsessed about aviation.  We’re total plane geeks.  If you hear a plane flying overhead, it’s pretty much guaranteed we’ll have our necks cranked up at the sky.  You won’t get our attention until that plane disappears into the clouds.

Naturally, this makes flying around to travel something we both incredibly look forward to.  Of course, our blog isn’t only about planes.

Content you can expect

A large part of our posts will be in the form of Trip Reports, where we share our experiences of the trips we’ve taken. These can include reviews of the various airport lounges, hotels, and our flights, as well as chronicling our day to day activities in the cities we visit. We’ll offer our tips and advice on what to try, and what to avoid. We’ll also be sure to point out any amazing food that we find around town!

One of the ways we enrich our travel experiences is through the strategic use of miles and credit cards. This can be quite a complex topic, so we’ll leave this for a series of blog posts later on.

As plane geeks, we love to planespot, and with YVR literally 10 mins from our house, you can expect a lot of planespotting content. We also have a YouTube channel where we’ll be posting video reviews on flights, hotels, or pure aviation content, so if you love the rumble of a GE90 engine starting up, be sure to check those out.