ANA Maintenance Hangar Tour – Haneda

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If you’re an aviation geek, one of the things you absolutely cannot miss if you’re spending some time in Tokyo is the ANA Maintenance Hangar Tour at Haneda Airport. It’s a one and a half hour tour that consists of two parts: a 30-min classroom-style presentation, followed by the actual ANA hangar visit. Best of all, the tour is absolutely free! One thing to note is that the tour is conducted in Japanese, so if you don’t understand Japanese (like us), you’ll miss out on the commentary, but it’s still very enjoyable.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-787-26
ANA 787-8 in the maintenance hangar

Reservations for spots in the tour open up 6 months in advance from the date of the tour. A word of advice is to book right when it is available for booking, because the spots are limited and get booked up pretty quickly.

One challenge of the actual booking process is that their reservation website is entirely in Japanese, with no English choice available. Fortunately, there is an awesome English-friendly guide at KNAviation’s blog that shows you step-by-step with images how to make a reservation!

To get to the ANA Maintenance Hangar, you’ll need to take the Tokyo Monorail to the Shin-Seibijo station. From there, it is about a 10-min walk to maintenance facility, which is pretty much at the far end of the road. You’ll also pass the JAL Maintenance Hangar on the right side, which offers a similar guided tour. (We’ll be checking this out next month!)

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-monorail-station
Take the monorail to the Shin Seibijo station
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-2
10-min walk to the ANA facility
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-4
ANA building where the tour starts

Once we reached the ANA building, we got checked in at the reception, and were given tour badges and pamphlets. In the lobby was a 7-Eleven that was really more like a gift shop. There were tons of plane models and other av-geek souvenirs for sale. In another corner was a cockpit model of an ANA Lockheed TriStar. A room near the back had several large scale ANA models, as well as an impressive looking ANA Gundam.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-lobby
Lobby with 7-Eleven / Gift Shop
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-gift-shop
Plenty of ANA models to purchase
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-reception
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-tristar-model
Tristar model
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-tristar-cockpit
Tristar model cockpit
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-plane-models-3
Large ANA plane models
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-plane-models-4
Large ANA plane models
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-tires
787 tires
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-gundam
ANA Gundam

Our tour began at 1pm, and we were ushered into a lecture hall to begin the presentation.  A lady talked briefly at a podium, and then played a video for us to watch on the projector. From what I gathered, the video was giving an overview of Haneda Airport, ANA’s presence at Terminal 2, and the features of ANA’s Dreamliner. We were also given these awesome ANA flight tags!

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-lecture-room
Lecture room for the presentation
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-presentation
Watching a video in the presentation hall
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-flight-tag
Complimentary ANA flight tags!
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-plane-models
More plane models in the lecture room
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-plane-models-2
More plane models in the lecture room

After the lecture session, we were divided into two separate groups and given hard hats in preparation to enter the maintenance facility. The tour guide took us up an elevator and crossed the sky bridge to where the hangar was located.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-sky-bridge
Crossing the sky-bridge to the hangar

The hangar itself is absolutely MASSIVE! The photos don’t do it justice; you really need to be there to get the sense of scale. I was really impressed by the maze of scaffolding and the super heavy-duty cranes mounted on the ceiling.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-787
Massive ANA maintenance hangar
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-scaffolding
Movable Scaffolding

There were two Dreamliners being serviced at the time: a 787-8 (JA840A)and a 787-9 (JA833A). We didn’t know it at the time, but we would be flying home to Vancouver in that exact 787-8! What are the chances?!

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-787-2
ANA 787-8
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-787-3
ANA 787-9

We made our way down several flights of stairs, stopping occasionally for some Japanese commentary. Once on the ground floor, we were allowed to get right up next to the Dreamliners and take photos with the beautiful Rolls-Royce engines.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-20
Listening to the tour guide commentary
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-787-5
Up close with this ANA 787-8
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-787-6-engine
Beautiful Rolls Royce engines
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-787-7-engine-rolls-royce
Beautiful Rolls Royce engines
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-787-8
JA840A, the exact 787-8 that took us home to Vancouver!

We weren’t allowed to step outside of the hangar boundaries (for obvious reasons), but we were allowed to stand right on the edge to watch planes taking off from runway 16R. One thing that impressed me was the sheer size of the hangar doors!

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-33
Looking out into Haneda Airport
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-34
Look how tall the hangar is!
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-35
ANA 787-9 tail
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-787-tail
Dreamliner tail shot
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-32
Massive movable scaffolding to service the big jets
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-30
Engine parts
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-27
Engine covers – not sure what the tricycle is there for…
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-37
ANA 787-8 tail
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-maintenance-hangar-tour-haneda-36
ANA 787-8 (JA840A) being serviced

After giving us plenty of time for photos, the tour guide brought us all back the way we came, crossing back over the sky bridge to the main building.

All-in-all, I highly recommend booking a spot on this tour if you’re even remotely interested in aviation. It’s really cool to see what goes on behind the scenes and how much care ANA dedicates towards the maintenance and safety of their aircraft.

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