Miles and Points: Why you should start using it

Miles and Points. You may have seen these terms floating around on the internet, or heard about it from your frequent flyer friends. You may have seen examples of how ordinary people can seemingly afford outrageously expensive plane tickets in First Class, taking showers and eating 5-course meals on a plane, or frequently staying at high-end hotels. How is this even possible without spending your life’s fortune?
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Review – Alaska Airlines Economy Class – Vancouver to Seattle to Honolulu – 737-800/900

In November, I flew down to Hawaii for a couple of days with my Dad. While the main purpose of the trip was to obtain our scuba diving certifications (which I now have!), this also gave me the chance to review Alaska Airline’s economy class product on a relatively longer flight. Previously I had only flown Alaska on short flights like YVR-SEA and SEA-SFO.
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Review – Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel & SYD Plane Spotting

As huge aviation geeks who love to spend all their time at airports, we decided to stay a night at the Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel, the night before we were to depart Sydney. This airport is known for being a plane spotter-friendly hotel, and has a great location right across from the International Terminal. Some of the rooms have a direct view of the airport gates and the runway.
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