Review – Marina Bay Sands Resort & Infinity Pools

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One of the highlights of our Singapore trip was staying at the Marina Bay Sands hotel.  Ever since seeing amazing photos of the Infinity Pool overlooking the Singapore skyline, it’s been on my list of places to visit.  I had booked a Premier City View Room for two nights for $1386 SGD (which is about the same in CAD).  Premier City View Rooms are guaranteed to be 19th floor or higher, facing the harbor and the Singapore skyline.

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-view-from-22nd-floor-singapore-skyline
View from Premier City View Room on 22nd floor.

We arrived at Tower 1 of the Marina Bay Sands hotel a bit before 11am by taxi.  As soon as I entered the lobby, my gaze was drawn upwards to the impressively high ceilings.  It really highlighted the unique architecture and curve of the structure.

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-lobby-2
Marina Bay Sands Lobby


OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-tower-1-entrance-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Tower 1 Entrance

The main check-in counters are located in Tower 1, as well as the Rise Seafood Buffet Restaurant, which I review in a later post.

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-registration-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Registration

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to check in yet since the counters were only processing check-outs in the morning.  We were given an arrival card, as well as key cards to access the Infinity pools, and told to return at noon to get our room keys.

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-arrival-cards-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Arrival Cards

With an hour to spare, we left our luggage with the front desk, and explored the ground floor of the hotel.  Although the hotel consisted of three separate towers, the lobby spanned the entire length, connecting all three.

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-concierge
Marina Bay Sands Concierge
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-lobby-skybridge-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Lobby Skybridge
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-vip-check-in-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands VIP Check-In
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-tower-1-elevators-683x1024
Marina Bay Sands Tower 1 Elevators
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-lobby-tower-2-entrance-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Lobby Tower 2 Entrance
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-lobby-3-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Lobby
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-lobby-4-683x1024
Marina Bay Sands Lobby
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-electronic-display-boards-683x1024
Marina Bay Sands Electronic Display Boards
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-lobby-washrooms-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Lobby Washrooms

The architecture was certainly very impressive.  The ceiling of the lobby extended all the way up to the 22nd floor, narrowing slightly at each level.  From the hallways of the guest floors, you could look down into the lobby as you are walking to your room.

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-lobby-looking-up-683x1024
Marina Bay Sands Lobby looking up, you can see up to the 22nd floor
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-lobby-ceiling-683x1024
Marina Bay Sands Architecture is very impressive
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-lobby-859x1024
Marina Bay Sands Lobby
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-lobby-view-from-skybridge-683x1024
Marina Bay Sands Lobby view from Skybridge

Many restaurants and shops lined the lobby of the hotel.  The hotel has direct access to The Shoppes at the Bay, which is a huge shopping complex right beside the resort.  From there you can also access the metro and the Casino.  There are several entrances to The Shoppes from the lobby.

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-lobby-shops-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Lobby Shops

After walking all the way to Tower 3, we sat down at one of the cafes to have a coffee and a quick bite to eat while we waited for our room.  There is also a separate check-in area at Tower 3, which was smaller and no where near as grand as the one found in Tower 1.

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-tower-3-check-in-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Tower 3 Check-In

We headed back to the reception around noon hoping to pick up our room keys, but were turned away once again and were told our room wouldn’t be ready until 3pm.  We ended up going to The Shoppes at the Bay and The Gardens by the Bay which I will go over in a separate post.

OneMoreWeekToGo casino-and-shoppes-entrance-at-marina-bay-sands-683x1024
Casino and Shoppes Entrance at Marina Bay Sands

After spending a few hours at the Shoppes and Gardens by the Bay, we finally received our room keys around 3pm. Our room was 2254 and was situated in Tower 2.  Each tower has separate elevator systems servicing the lower floors and the higher floors.  Floor 22 is the highest floor serviced by the lower elevator system.  At this floor you could also transfer to the upper elevator system to access the Sky Park and Infinity Pools.

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-elevator-683x1024
Marina Bay Sands Elevator
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-hallway-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Hallway

The hallways didn’t feel quite as grand or upscale as the lobby did.  We were on the 22nd floor, so while technically we could look down into the Lobby, it was the narrowest part up here, so we couldn’t see much.

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-premier-city-view-room-entrance-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Premier City View Room Entrance

The room was very spacious, and had two double beds, a small couch and a working desk by the window.  We had booked a Premier City View Room, so we had a really nice view of the city as well as Marina Bay. I particularly liked the bathroom, which was extremely spacious and elegant. The curtains were controlled electronically via a switch on the wall.

Unfortunately the TV wasn’t working when we got our room, so we had to call someone up to check it out. Thankfully they arrived promptly, and after a few minutes of messing around with the remote and the cables, realized that one of the cables was loose.

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-premier-city-view-room-2-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Premier City View Room
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-premier-city-view-room-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Premier City View Room

There is some sort of paneled door which looks like it should slide open to reveal the washroom, but it didn’t budge. I’m not sure if it was broken in our room, or whether it was by design.

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-premier-city-view-room-3-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Premier City View Room
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-premier-city-view-room-desk-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Premier City View Room Desk
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-premier-city-view-room-hall-683x1024
Marina Bay Sands Premier City View Room Hall

You enter the bathroom through a heavy sliding door next to the room entrance, where you would find the double sink and bath tub. I loved the bathtub, and told myself to try it before the end of the stay, but unfortunately didn’t have the time.

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-premier-city-view-room-washroom-2-683x1024
Marina Bay Sands Premier City View Room Washroom

This might just be me, but I really appreciated that ledge underneath the sink. A lot of the time, I find myself struggling to find (non-wet) surfaces to put my clean clothes or my phone when I shower and what-not.

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-premier-city-view-room-washroom-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Premier City View Room Washroom
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-premier-city-view-room-washroom-sink-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Premier City View Room Washroom Sink
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-premier-city-view-room-washroom-amenities-683x1024
Marina Bay Sands Premier City View Room Washroom Amenities

The toilet and walk-in shower each had their own partitions with individual frosted doors.  This is useful if you are staying with more than one person (I was staying with my parents) and someone needs to use the bathroom while you are taking forever to shower.

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-premier-city-view-room-toilet-and-shower-683x1024
Marina Bay Sands Premier City View Room Toilet and Shower


Most importantly, the shower head had good pressure, and the water was hot. You’d be surprised how much of a difference this makes when you’re tired and worn out at the end of the day!

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-premier-city-view-room-shower-2-683x1024
Marina Bay Sands Premier City View Room Shower
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-premier-city-view-room-toilet-683x1024
Marina Bay Sands Premier City View Room Toilet
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-premier-city-view-room-towels-683x1024
Marina Bay Sands Premier City View Room Towels
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-premier-city-view-room-safe-683x1024
Marina Bay Sands Premier City View Room Safe

The room came with two bathrobes and two slippers. The bathrobe felt a bit rough and crinkly, like it had been washed way too many times. For the price, I would have expected something a bit softer.

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-premier-city-view-room-wardrobe-683x1024
Marina Bay Sands Premier City View Room Wardrobe with bath robes and slippers
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-premier-city-view-room-amenity-kit-683x1024
Marina Bay Sands Premier City View Room Amenity Kit

After settling into our room, we headed up to the Sky Park to spend a few hours at the Infinity Pool before dinner.  The Sky Park is probably the most impressive feature of Marina Bay Sands, and my personal favorite.  It is a massive complex that sits on top of the three hotel towers, which includes the Infinity Pools, the viewing deck, a couple restaurants, spa facilities, and much more.  Looking at the hotel from afar, the Sky Park resembles a massive ship sitting on top of the towers!  The length of the Sky Park is supposed to exceed the height of the Eiffel Tower, or for the avgeeks, 4 Airbus A380s.  It’s no wonder that this hotel is such an iconic symbol for Singapore.

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-towers-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Sky Park sitting on top of the towers

To access the sky park, you need to use your room key card to pass through a set of ticketing gates, similar to a metro station.  The reason for the strict security is because the pool is restricted for hotel guests only, and there have been incidents where non-hotel guests would try to find ways to sneak in without paying.

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-infinity-pools-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pools

The Infinity Pools faced the Singapore skyline, and spanned a good portion of the Sky Park.  There were several rows of pool chairs, and some which even extended into the water, and out towards the ledge of the pool, which was pretty neat. Most of the good seats were taken when we went during the afternoon.

OneMoreWeekToGo busy-afternoon-at-marina-bay-sands-infinity-pools-1024x683
Busy afternoon at Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pools

There’s no need to bring any towels from your room up to the pool, as there are two towel stations providing warm clean towels.

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-infinity-pool-towel-station-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool Towel Station

One section of the pool was labeled to be for Adults Only. Sure enough, at least when I checked, there weren’t any kids splashing around here. 😉

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-infinity-pool-adult-section-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool Adult Section

On the other side of the park faced the Gardens by the Bay and the Pacific Ocean.  There were several hot tubs on this side, as well as more lounge chairs.  However, this section wasn’t as popular, presumably because the view wasn’t as nice.

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-infinity-pool-hottub-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool Hottub
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-infinity-pool-patio-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool Patio

The Infinity Pools are open from 6am to 11pm.  Interestingly, the Infinity Pools were much busier in the late hours.

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-infinity-pool-at-night-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool at Night
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-infinity-pool-at-night-2-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool at Night

The view at night is pretty spectacular as well, with all the lights of the Singapore skyline.  It’s great that it is open so late, as you can find time to relax in the pools even after a long day exploring the city.

OneMoreWeekToGo singapore-skyline-from-infinity-pool-at-night-1024x683
Singapore Skyline from Infinity Pool at Night

At one end of the Sky Park was the Observation Deck, which is free for hotel guests ($23 SGD if not a hotel guest).  The observation deck offers a great view of the Singapore skyline, as well as an aerial view of the Gardens by the Bay on the other side.  Unfortunately there was quite a rain storm when we were there, so the views were a bit more dull and gloomy.  On the plus side, there were very few people.

OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-observation-deck-2-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck
OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-observation-deck-view-of-gardens-by-the-bay-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck View of Gardens By The Bay
OneMoreWeekToGo skyline-view-from-marina-bay-sands-infinity-pool-1024x683
Skyline View from Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool


OneMoreWeekToGo marina-bay-sands-observation-deck-1024x683
Marina Bay Sands Observation Deck

In Summary

The Marina Bay Sands was one of the highlights of my stay in Singapore. Admittedly it was definitely an expensive room, at $1386 SGD for two nights in the Premier City View Room. I don’t think the room alone is worth this price (maybe the bathroom), but if you are going to be spending a lot of time relaxing at the hotel and using the Infinity Pool and Sky Park, I’d say it is worth the experience.

Have you stayed at the Marina Bay Sands?  How did you find it?  Let us know in the comments what you thought about this review!  If you want more reviews like this one, subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates and flight/hotel reviews.

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