Review – Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge in Transborder Terminal – Vancouver

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Before boarding our United First Class flight down to SFO, we decided to check out the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge in the Transborder Terminal.

The entrance to this lounge is located between gate 84 and 86. We got through security pretty quickly as Nexus card holders, so we waited for about ten minutes for the lounge to open at 5 am.

OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-entrance-1024x683
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge entrance
OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-signage-hours-1024x683
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge signage and hours

A single elevator takes you up to the top level where the lounge is located.

OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-entrance-elevator-683x1024
Elevator to the lounge

Right out of the elevator, I spotted a beautiful model of an Air Canada Dreamliner in the new livery.

OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-dreamliner-787-model-1024x683
Beautiful Air Canada dreamliner model

The friendly receptionist checked us into the lounge, which felt quite pleasant with the warm lighting and wood accents. It definitely felt very Canadian.

OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-reception-3-1024x683
OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-reception-2-1024x683

Most of the lounge had views overlooking the US departures area. We immediately spotted our United 737 that would be taking us to SFO parked right in front of the lounge.

OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-3-1024x683
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge
OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-1024x683
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge
OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-view-united-737-1024x683
Our plane preparing for departure

There was a good amount of seating available along the windows, as well as near the back of the lounge looking into the terminal.

OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-seating-area-5-1024x683
Maple Leaf Lounge seating area
OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-seating-area-4-1024x683
Maple Leaf Lounge seating area
OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-seating-area-3-1024x683
Maple Leaf Lounge seating area

The buffet area had a limited selection of breakfast foods, such as muffins, fruits, toast, cereals and poached eggs. There was a coffee machine available, as well as a selection of apple or orange juice.

OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-breakfast-buffet-1024x683
Buffet area
OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-breakfast-buffet-options-1024x683
Buffet spread
OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-food-area-1024x683
Buffet area
OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-juices-drinks-1024x683
Juices available
OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-breakfast-cereal-1024x683
Breakfast cereals

Cafeteria-style seating near the buffet area, overlooking the inside of the terminal.

OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-dining-area-1024x683
Dining area near buffet
OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-seating-area-6-1024x683
Seating area near buffet spread

The lounge had a fairly large business center that included a circular conference room. The business center had tall partitions between workstations for added privacy. It really resembles a traditional office environment, and even comes with a printer.

OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-business-conference-meeting-room-1024x683
Conference room
OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-business-area-1024x683
Business center
OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-business-printer-1024x683
Business center printer

Washrooms are available near the reception, along with coat check and storage. There are no shower facilities in this lounge.

OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-storage-washrooms-1024x683
Storage and washrooms
OneMoreWeekToGo air-canada-maple-leaf-lounge-transborder-vancouver-yvr-mobile-phone-charging-1024x683
Phone charging station

In Summary:

There’s not a whole lot going on at this Transborder lounge, but it’s decently comfortable with plenty of seating, and if you’re in need of getting some work done, you have a small office available to you. I wouldn’t wake up earlier to come here for breakfast, as the breakfast buffet selection was mediocre, although I can’t comment on their food offering later in the day.

Check out our video trip report of this flight on our YouTube channel!

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One thought on “Review – Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge in Transborder Terminal – Vancouver

  1. I’ve been to this lounge (I was flying AC from YVR > LAX to connect with an AirNZ flight to LHR), and thoroughly agree with you. It’s fine, but nothing more than that. I was there at the tail end of breakfast, and was impressed that they had oatmeal, but that tells you that nothing was any more exciting than the fact that they had oatmeal! 🙂 The friendly staff were probably the best thing about the lounge. I can’t really complain as it was a quiet place to sit and have some perfectly good food and drink before the flight. 🙂 Thanks for your pics.

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