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Between two long haul flights as we flew from Vancouver to Sydney, we had a longer layover at Haneda International Airport, which gave us the perfect opportunity to check out the ANA Lounge.

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Checking in for our flight before heading to the lounge
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-walking-terminal-1024x683
Lounges are not too far after immigration

Location and Hours

There are two separate ANA Lounges in the International Terminal at Haneda. One is near gate 110, while the other is near gate 114. An important thing to note is that they have staggered operating hours:

ANA Lounge by gate 110: 5:00am – 1:00am
ANA Lounge by gate 114: 6:30am – 1:30pm

The one near gate 110 is open for a much longer duration, while the one near gate 114 only opens from the morning until early afternoon.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-entrance-location-1024x683
Lounge entrance near Gate 110

Both lounges are up a set of escalators on the 4F. Note that the ANA Lounge is right next to the ANA Suites Lounge, which is reserved for First Class passengers and ANA Diamond Members only. Careful not to walk into the wrong lounge!

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-escalators-1024x683
Lounge entrance is up a set of escalators

On both occasions of passing through Haneda, only the ANA lounge by gate 110 was open, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to compare the differences between the lounges.

Admission eligibility

First and business class passengers travelling on ANA or another Star Alliance carrier, as well as ANA Diamond, ANA Platinum and Star Alliance Gold members are eligible to enter the lounge. Premium Economy passengers are also welcome.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-signage-683x1024
Lounge airline partners
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-entrance-1024x683
ANA Lounge entrance
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-reception-1024x683
ANA Lounge reception

Lounge experience

As I walked down the corridor after checking in at reception, the first thing that caught my attention were the awesome Star Wars figures showcased in glass cabinets along the wall. In case you didn’t know, ANA and Star Wars have a 5 year partnership since 2015 to expand their global presence, which is why ANA has the beautiful Star Wars livery jets.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-star-wars-figures-1024x683
Star Wars figures on display
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-all-nippon-airways-star-wars-jet-bb8-777-haneda-1024x1024
ANA Star Wars 777 “BB8” at Haneda

Once I finished admiring the Star Wars memorabilia, I proceeded into the actual lounge, which was pretty expansive and beautifully designed. The length of the lounge was lined with windows, which offered spectacular views of the apron and runway. I was able to visit this lounge twice at different times during the day, so I’ll be sharing photos from both visits. During the day, the lounge is lit up with tons of natural light, and is a bit less busy.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-corridor-hallway-1024x683
Lounge hallway to reception
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-buffet-area-1024x683
ANA lounge seating
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-seating-area-windows-night-1024x683
ANA Lounge window seating
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-lounge-overview-1024x683
ANA Lounge seating

Different types of seating lined the windows, including bar-type seating where you can enjoy a meal while taking in the views, or more lounge type armchairs where you can sit back and relax. Further away from the windows was more dining oriented seating. Near the back of the lounge was a more secluded, quiet area.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-dining-area-seating-1024x683
ANA Lounge dining seating area
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-dining-area-seating-2-1024x683
ANA Lounge dining seating area
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-dining-area-seating-3-1024x683
Two seater dining tables
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-seating-area-windows-day-1024x683
Window seating during daytime, offering great views
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-dining-seating-1024x683
Bar type dining seating
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-quiet-area-1024x683
Quiet area
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-newspapers-magazines-2-1024x683
Magazine and newspaper selection
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-newspapers-magazines-1024x683
Second magazine and newspaper selection near the back of the lounge
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-private-phone-booths-1024x683
Phone booth partitions

There are two buffet stations at either end of the lounge, with the one closer to the entrance being the main one which offered a bit more variety. The buffet spread offers a decent selection of both hot and cold foods, plus plenty of alcoholic choices including beer machines. However, what really made the buffet excellent in my opinion was the Japanese curry rice, as well as the made-to-order Noodle Bar. Oh, and I found the sushi rolls quite addicting as well!

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-buffet-spread-4-1024x683
Buffet station
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-buffet-spread-8-1024x683
Buffet spread
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-buffet-spread-6-1024x683
Buffet spread
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-buffet-spread-5-1024x683
Buffet spread
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-buffet-spread-1024x683
Buffet spread
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-buffet-spread-9-1024x683
Buffet spread
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-noodle-bar-menu-1024x683
Noodle House menu
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-beer-machines-1024x683
Beer machines
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-drink-selection-1024x683
Drink machines
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-curry-beer-1024x683
Japanese curry rice and beer
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-soba-1024x683
Kakiage Soba
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-buffet-spread-7-1024x683
Second buffet spread
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-buffet-area-4-1024x683
Bar type seating surrounding the secondary buffet station

Should you be in the mood, there is also a rather fancy looking Sake station with several different Sake to choose from.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-sake-station-1024x683
Sake station

Displayed at the concierge table were these beautifully crafted luggage tags, awarded to frequent flyers who’ve accrued a significant number of miles with ANA. Reaching such a status will also grant you lifetime benefits!

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-million-miler-tag-683x1024
ANA Million Miler luggage tags

Having been flying for over 14 hours that day and with 9 more hours to go until Sydney, I definitely could not leave this lounge without taking a much needed shower. There was a queue for the showers as the lounge was pretty busy and there were only 7 shower suites, so I put my name down at the reception and was given a buzzer for when my shower room was ready.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-shower-room-1-683x1024
Lounge shower suite

The shower room came with plenty of amenities and a nicely tiled and spacious walk-in shower. The rainfall shower head was a nice touch, and the water temperature was excellent. After the shower, I spent a good 20 minutes pampering my skin with all the cleansing oils and facial creams. For some reason though, the shower room was very hot and stuffy.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-shower-amenities-3-1024x683
Shower suite amenities
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-shower-amenities-2-1024x683
Shower suite amenities
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-shower-amenities-1-1024x683
Shower suite amenities
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-shower-room-2-683x1024
Lounge shower suite
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-business-lounge-haneda-hnd-shower-room-3-683x1024
Walk-in shower

After the refreshing shower, it was about time for us to head to the gate for boarding. We left the lounge feeling recharged, ready for our onward flight to Sydney. Stay tuned for our next trip report reviewing ANA’s business class from Tokyo to Sydney!

In Summary

The ANA Lounge at Haneda is one of the best business class lounges I’ve been to. The lounge is large, spacious and modern with plenty of seating options and great views. Two buffet spreads offer good selection and quality of hot and cold foods, with the highlights being the Japanese curry and the made-to-order noodle bowls, which reminds me of the Noodle Bar at Cathay Pacific lounges such as The Pier. The shower suites are fully stocked with amenities and provide a great way to freshen up between long flights. Finally, as a Star Wars fan, I loved the classy display of Star Wars memorabilia throughout the lounge.

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