Review – ANA Business Class – San Francisco to Tokyo Narita – 777-300ER

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A couple of months ago, ANA had an error fare for a round trip business class ticket from Vancouver to Sydney for an insanely low price of $800 CAD. Peterson and I had been lucky enough to score a pair of these tickets, allowing us to fly ANA in business class for the very first time!

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ANA 787 Dreamliner

After arriving in San Francisco from Vancouver on United’s domestic First Class, we were ready for our first segment with ANA. Arguably, this segment from SFO to NRT was the one we were most excited about, as it was the only 777-300ER in our itinerary (The rest were 787-8 and 9’s). As a five-star airline, I’ve heard a lot of great things about ANA.  Having watched YouTube trip reports of their business class seats, I was coming in with high expectations. (spoiler: I was not disappointed 😉)

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-plane-inbound-1024x683
Our inbound plane arriving at SFO

After doing some lounge-hopping at SFO, we arrived our gate early to be among the first to board. As you would expect from Japanese punctuality, boarding began right on time, beginning with Diamond members and First Class, followed by Business Class, and finally Economy.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-gate-waiting-area-1024x683
Waiting at the gate

San Francisco (SFO) -> Tokyo Narita (NRT)
Airline: All Nippon Airways
Flight No: NH7
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Date: Monday, September 18, 2017
Scheduled Departure: 12:15 PM
Scheduled Arrival: 3:20 PM
Duration: 11 hrs 5 mins
Class: Business

We boarded through the second door, behind the first class cabin. I really enjoyed the classy boarding music that was playing as I walked to my seat!

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-cabin-overview-1024x683
ANA 777-300ER business cabin

ANA’s 777-300ER features staggered business class seats, which are set in a 1-2-1 configuration. Every seat boasts direct aisle access, so you don’t have to worry about being disturbed throughout the flight. There are 13 rows of business class seats spread out over two cabins. The first one is a mini cabin with just two rows, which is right behind the first class section. The second larger cabin contains 11 rows of seats.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-cabin-1024x683
ANA 777-300ER business cabin

Peterson and I had booked seats 14K and 16K, which are the last two window seats on the right in the main business class cabin. We try to book seats in the rear of the cabin to minimize disturbance to other passengers, as we like to take a lot of photos of the cabin for blog purposes.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-seat-overview-2-1024x683
My seat for the flight, 14K

Available on my seat was a set of noise-cancelling headphones, a pair of slippers, an amenity kit, a pillow, a comforter, and a mattress pad.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-headphones-1024x683
Noise-cancelling headphones
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-slippers-1024x683
ANA slippers
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-amenity-kit-overview-1024x683
Neal’s Yard amenity kit

The amenity kit was supplied by Neal’s Yard Remedies, and it incorporates ANA’s logo outline into their design, which I thought was very nice. Contents consisted of an eye mask, toothbrush set, earbuds, lip balm, facial mist and hand cream.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-amenity-kit-detail-1024x683
Amenity kit contents

The flight attendant serving our area came by to introduce herself. She was super friendly and genuine, and I could already tell this crew would be fantastic.

Pre-departure beverages were served, and the options included sparkling wine and orange juice. I’m not a fan of sparkling stuff or wine, so I picked the orange juice. Besides, the “sparkling” wine didn’t really sparkle much.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-pre-departure-beverage-1024x683
Orange juice for pre-departure beverage

The crew also distributed ANA sweaters for the flight. I never actually wore it as the cabin temperature was just right for me, but the sweater was very soft and felt comfortable. Too bad we couldn’t keep these after the flight!

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-rental-cardigan-1024x683
ANA rental sweaters

The side table was large and featured a compartment for storing small personal items. There’s also a cupholder ring to secure any water bottles.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-table-storage-1024x683
Large side table
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-reading-lamp-683x1024
LED reading lamp

Seat controls are located on the side of the seat beneath the side table. They were simple and intuitive. A standard IFE controller was docked here as well.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-seat-controls-1024x683
IFE controller and seat controls

The ottoman provided plenty of footrest space, and should accommodate taller individuals. Beneath the ottoman was more storage space where you could place shoes or bags. I also found it to be a convenient place to store the mattress pad if you’re not using it.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-seat-footrest-683x1024
Footrest and storage
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-footrest-zoom-1024x683
Footrest provides good length for taller individuals

Directly in front of the seat was a 17″ LCD touch-screen, which was responsive to the touch and had good display colors. Power ports and USB charging are found beneath the screen.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-tv-1024x683
Touch screen LCD TV
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-power-outlets-1024x683
Power ports and USB charging

Found in the literature section was a seat guide, which I thought was a pretty useful read. It described in detail the features of ANA’s staggered business class seats, and detailed how to prepare the mattress pad on the bed. Neat!

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-seat-guide-1024x683
“Business Staggered” seat guide
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-seat-guide-bed-1024x683
Bed set-up instructions

We had a timely push back at 12:15pm, taxiing to runway 28L for departure, which had no queue.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-taxi-united-747-1024x683
Starting our engines as a beautiful United 747 taxis in

With a tremendous roar of the powerful GE90 engines, I was pushed back against my seat as we began the takeoff roll. There are very few sounds in the world that can top a 777 at full thrust! Moments after takeoff, we were already slicing through the low hanging clouds, on our way to Tokyo!

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-wing-view-1024x683
On our way to Tokyo!

Once we reached our cruising altitude and seat belt signs were turned off, I was delivered the menu as well as a neatly rolled hot towel on a tray.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-table-1024x683
Menus delivered shortly after takeoff
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-hot-towel-1024x683
Hot Towel before meal

For meal service, ANA provides two cuisines: International or Japanese. As a die-hard fan of Japanese food, I had already made up my mind before I looked at the menu. Additionally, I was very excited to try ANA’s “Washoku” Japanese meal, which is a special way of preparing and serving traditional Japanese food.

Full menu

Click on menu thumbnails to enlarge

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-menu-washoku-150x150
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-menu-special-wine-150x150
Special wine
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-menu-red-wine-150x150
Red wine
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-menu-champagne-white-150x150
Champagne / Whites
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-menu-sake-150x150






OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-menu-alcoholic-drinks-150x150
Alcoholic drinks
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-menu-non-alcoholic-drinks-150x150
Non-alcoholic drinks
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-menu-japanese-meal-150x150
Japanese meal
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-menu-international-meal-150x150
International meal
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-menu-light-snacks-150x150
Light snacks






OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-menu-arrival-meal-150x150
Arrival meal

The first course was an Amuse bouche consisting of boiled shrimp canape, roasted duck with orange and three kinds of nuts. It was presented beautifully on a small plate.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-meal-amuse-bouche-1024x683
Beautifully presented ‘Amuse’ course

The second course appetizer was an an assortment of delicacies. The food was refreshing, light, yet tasty. From their menu, it reads:

Zensai (A selection of morsels)
Thinly-sliced salmon head cartilage with soy sauce gelee
Grilled channel rockfish with soy-based miso sauce
Grilled vegetables rolled with beef
Deep-fried ginkgo nut

Kobachi (Tasty tidbits)
Simmered vegetables in soy-based sauce

Otsukuri (A selection of sashimi)
Seared tuna
Poached squid and salmon roe

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-meal-appetizer-1024x683
Appetizer course, with an assortment of delicacies

The main course consisted of Saikyo miso-grilled sablefish, steamed rice, miso soup and Japanese pickles. I’d have to say that the sablefish was among the BEST fish course I’ve had in the air. It rivaled the halibut appetizer I had on Emirates last year.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-meal-main-course-1024x683
Miso-grilled sablefish: one of the BEST fish courses I’ve ever had on a flight

That was a lot of food, but we can’t skip dessert! There was a choice of caramel chocolate cake or “Dorayaki”, which is a round sponge cake filled with red beans. I couldn’t decide, so I asked for both.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-meal-dessert-1024x768
Chocolate caramel cake & “Dorayaki”

After the meal, the flight attendant informed us that for the remainder of the flight, I could order freely from the Light Snacks section of the menu. They also asked if they had permission to wake me for the arrival meal should I be asleep at the time. I love the crew’s attentiveness!

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-cabin-post-meal-1024x683
ANA 777 business class cabin

The flight offered WiFi service, with three different plans:

  • 15 MB limit / 30 minutes / $4.95 USD
  • 30 MB limit / 60 minutes / $8.95 USD
  • 100 MB limit / entire flight / $19.95 USD
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-wifi-service-683x1024
In-flight WiFi service

The plans were a bit pricey, especially given the hard usage limit. I thought it was unnecessary to have both a usage limit and a time limit. Why force me to use 15 MB in 30 minutes, if it can actually last me the entire flight? Regardless, I purchased the 100 MB plan anyways, as I wanted to review the speed and connectivity, as well as being able to post live Instagram story updates. By the way, if you’re not already following us on Instagram, make sure you check it out! =)

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-wifi-plans-576x1024
Wifi plans

The speed of the WiFi ended up being good enough for messaging, emails, and some light use of photo sharing, but definitely not enough for anything more data-hungry like videos. The connection cut out a few times near the second half of the flight, but it was simple enough to reconnect from the browser login. It also shows you the amount of data remaining, which was nice.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-wifi-data-usage-576x1024
Wifi usage summary

As an avid collector of airplane models, I was aware that ANA had recently started selling a 1:400 model of their special Star Wars R2D2 787. Sure enough, I found it for sale in the ANA duty free shop magazine! Peterson and I each ordered one. We also took the opportunity to request for an ANA postcard and pen, which should be available free upon request. Shortly after, the flight attendant returned with not one, but three ANA post cards, an ANA pen, as well as an awesome ANA baggage tag! Thanks so much ANA!

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-goodies-2-1024x683
ANA goodies: 1:400 Star Wars “R2D2” plane model, ANA post cards, ANA pen & ANA flight tag
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-star-wars-model-r2d2-1024x683
1:400 Star Wars “R2D2” official plane model

After the duty free shopping, the cabin was dimmed as passengers started to rest. This was when I noticed how cool the LED in the side table was, which reminded me a bit of the movie Tron. I wish there was a bit more mood-lighting in the cabin itself though.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-night-cabin-dim-1024x576
ANA 777 dimmed business cabin
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-table-light-1024x683
LED-lit side table

I wasn’t tired, so I took the time to lounge back and check out the entertainment system. The IFE was easy to navigate, and I found the selection to be decent, as it managed to keep me entertained throughout the flight. The air show was the standard one you get on most airlines. I ended up watching Baywatch, which was full of lame jokes and corny scenes, but was enjoyable and provided a good laugh nonetheless!

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-movies-1024x683
Browsing movies on the IFE

After the movie, I followed the seat guide instructions to set up the bed. Pretty soon, I had a very comfortable looking bed that I was ready to jump into for a few hours. I didn’t realize it at the time, but both armrests can actually be pushed down to effectively widen the bed by several inches.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-seat-controls-1024x683
Seat controls lit up
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-bed-1024x683
Bed prepared with mattress pad, comforter and pillow
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-bed-2-1024x683
Very spacious and comfortable sleeping space

I ended up sleeping for just about an hour. That doesn’t reflect badly on the bed, I just don’t sleep that much on a plane, even with such a comfortable bed as the one on this flight. Looking at the flight map, we were in the middle of the Pacific ocean, just east of the International Date Line. We still had about halfway to go… perfect time to order a mid-flight snack!

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-flight-path-1024x683
Halfway there

I browsed the menu and decided to try the IPPUDO miso “DAICHI” ramen, a Ukai tofu soup, and a cold green tea to drink. The ramen was very savoury and tasted amazing. It came with a side of butter which you could add to the ramen to give it an extra creamy texture. I really enjoyed the taste of the tofu soup as well.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-ramen-snack-1024x683
IPPUDO miso “DAICHI” ramen & Ukai tofu soup

About two and a half hours before our arrival into Tokyo, the crew turned up the lights in the cabin to help passengers wake up, and began the arrival meal service. This service was a much shorter and lighter meal than the first, and everything was served in one tray. I selected the Japanese course again, which consisted of egg tofu to start, followed by a simmered mackerel with Japanese plum in soy sauce, vegetables, steamed rice and miso soup. Fruits were served for a light and healthy dessert. Once again, the fish was really good, but it didn’t top the sable fish from the first meal.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-second-arrival-meal-1024x683
Japanese arrival meal

As we began our descent into Tokyo Narita Airport, our flight attendant came by to serve candy and chocolates, and took the time to ask us what we thought of the flight. I was very impressed by the professionalism, responsiveness and hospitality of the crew. Most of the time we were addressed by name, and the flight attendants were genuine and friendly throughout every interaction I had with them. Even though I expected a very high level of Japanese service coming into this flight, I was still blown away by the experience.

With regards to meal service, the pace of both meals were perfect. I tend to be a slow eater, and add on the fact that I take photos and video of each dish before I actually eat it, I am usually one of the last to finish a full course meal on any flight. Sometimes, flight crews try to make meal service more efficient by delivering the courses based on what works for them, instead of catering to each individual passenger. However, on this ANA flight, I didn’t feel rushed at any point, and could enjoy the meal at my own pace. I really appreciated this.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-777-business-class-sfo-nrt-arrival-gate-1024x683
De-planing at NRT

In Summary:

Our first ANA business class experience was nothing short of amazing! We were completely blown away by the level of friendly Japanese hospitality that was given. It was truly one of the best crew I’ve had on a flight. ANA not only has a great soft product, but a very solid hard product as well. The direct aisle access staggered seating provide convenience as well as a good level of privacy. The lie-flat bed is spacious with lots of legroom, and I really appreciated the addition of a mattress pad and slippers, which isn’t always available for business class. The meal service was perfectly paced, attentive, while the food was absolutely delicious.

Considering all factors, I would say this is one of the best flights I’ve ever had. ANA truly deserves their five-star airline rating. If given the chance to fly with ANA again? I would not hesitate one bit!

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7 thoughts on “Review – ANA Business Class – San Francisco to Tokyo Narita – 777-300ER

  1. Very nice review.
    ANA has ordered new A380s which will come with unique livery. Hope business & first class on this would be even better that B777. Hope you do review for this too.
    Btw, how much did it cost for that 1/400 scale model ? Also were there any other options than this ?

    1. Thanks very much. We are actually planning a trip around that time to try ANA’s new A380! Stay tuned. If I remember correctly, the 1/400 Star Wars model was about $60 USD. That was the only option available for sale at the time. They frequently change it up to different models.

  2. Great Summary Alvin!
    will have my 1st ANA Biz-Class in three weeks. JFK to PVG stop over in NRT.
    Can’t wait to have this experience after flying so many others…

    1. I am also doing some research, I am leaving for YYZ -> ORD -> PVG on sunday for business.. Hence the business class 🙂

      I will update you with how my experience is, have flown Air Canada, EVA airlines, Cathway Pacific, Lufthansa (my favourite) & United Business.

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