Review – Bonnington Jumeirah Lakes Towers – Dubai

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One of the main reasons we chose to stay at the Bonnington Jumeirah Lakes Towers in Dubai was due to the availability of reasonably priced 4-person hotel rooms. We were travelling with two other friends, and didn’t want to stay in two separate rooms, so we had booked a family apartment for ~2200 AED for 2 nights.

We arrived to the 5-star hotel via Etihad Chauffeur service directly from Abu Dhabi airport. The hotel wasn’t in a very busy or central area, and was a fair bit of a walk from the closest metro station. I’d say it looked more like a residential area than anything.

OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-exterior-768x1024
Bonnington Jumeirah Lakes Towers Dubai

The lobby was more modest than other five-star hotels that I’ve visited in Dubai, but still felt upscale. There were several restaurants and bars. We arrived pretty early in the morning, as we came in on an early flight, so when we asked to get checked in, I wasn’t surprised that our room wasn’t actually ready yet. The hotel manager was nice enough to invite us to relax and have something to eat at the private club lounge as we waited for our room.

OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-lobby-entrance-1024x768
Hotel lobby
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-lobby-1024x768
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-lobby-restaurants-1024x683
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-lobby-stairs-1024x683
Stairs down to a restaurant
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-lounge-1024x683
Hotel lounge
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-lounge-buffet-1024x683
Hotel lounge buffet

The buffet only consisted of some pastries and fruits, so we just had a cup of coffee. Afterwards, we dropped off our luggage with the front desk and decided to spend a few hours at the pool while we waited.

The pool and gym facilities are located on one of the middle floors of the hotel, which features a semi open area that includes a bar, restaurant, and tanning chairs. The changing rooms also included small steam and sauna rooms. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the actual pool area.

OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-pool-deck-1024x683
Pool floor
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-pool-changing-rooms-1024x683
Pool changing area
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-pool-changing-room-faucet-1024x683
Fancy faucet
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-gym-1024x768
Gym facilities

After relaxing for a bit on the pool deck, we got checked in to our room. We got a family apartment on the 39th floor, room 3902.

OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-elevator-768x1024
39th floor
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-hallway-1024x768
Hotel hallway
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-room-entrance-768x1024
Room 3902

The family apartment was extremely spaciously, at over 900 sq ft. It had an open-concept and tons of natural lighting coming in through plenty of floor to ceiling windows. There are two bedrooms; a master bedroom with a king bed and an en-suite washroom, and a queen bed in the second bedroom. Both have huge amounts of wardrobe space.

OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-hall-1024x683
Family apartment entrance area
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-master-bedroom-1024x683
Master bedroom
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-master-bedroom-2-1024x683
Master bedroom
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-master-bedroom-desk-1024x683
Master bedroom work area
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-master-bedroom-tv-1024x683
Master bedroom TV
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-ensuite-bathroom-683x1024
Ensuite bathroom
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-ensuite-bathroom-2-683x1024
Ensuite bathroom
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-bathroom-sink-1024x683
Bathroom sink
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-bathroom-683x1024
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-bathroom-amenities-1024x683
Bathroom towels
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-bathroom-shower-683x1024
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-bathrobes-683x1024
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-wardrobe-683x1024
Tons of wardrobe space
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-wardrobe-1-683x1024
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-wardrobe-2-683x1024
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-wardrobe-3-683x1024

The kitchen came with a full set of amenities, including stove, oven, sink, dishwasher, coffee, machine, toaster, plates, cutlery, etc. but it was a bit wasted on us as we ate out for every meal.

OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-kitchen-1024x683
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-kitchen-2-1024x683
Kitchen sink
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-kitchen-3-683x1024
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-kitchen-dishwasher-683x1024
Dishwasher and microwave
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-coffee-machine-toaster-kettle-1024x683
Coffee machine, toaster, kettle
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-coffee-1024x683
Complimentary coffee
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-thermostat-1024x683
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-kitchen-amenities-1024x683
Plates and cups
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-kitchen-amenities-2-683x1024
Pots and pans
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-kitchen-amenities-3-1024x683
Baking pans
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-kitchen-amenities-4-1024x683
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-fridge-683x1024
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-freezer-683x1024
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-kitchen-knives-1024x683
Knives set

In the living room are two couches, and a good sized TV that displayed a welcome message personalized to me.

OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-living-room-1024x683
Living room
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-living-room-2-1024x683
Living room
OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-tv-welcome-message-1024x683
TV with personalized message

The balcony can be accessed through the living room, and had a pretty nice view of the surrounding skyscrapers.

OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-balcony-1024x683

The view from the balcony is pretty impressive. The tubular building with the golden roof is the metro station, which is the closest one to the hotel. You can see it’s quite a bit of a walk, especially under the Dubai heat.

OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-view-from-balcony-683x1024
View from the balcony

There’s also a 2-in-1 washer/dryer available in the apartment. We made good use of that!

OneMoreWeekToGo bonnington-jumeirah-lakes-towers-dubai-family-apartment-washer-dryer-683x1024
Dryer / washer

In Summary:

If you’re looking for accommodations that can comfortably fit four or more people in a hotel room in Dubai, the Bonnington Jumeirah Lakes Towers is worth taking a look. Our studio apartment was extremely modern, spacious, and was stock full of amenities and facilities you may need. The only downside is the location, being a bit further away from where everything is, but the hotel provides a free shuttle to/from Dubai Mall and other popular areas. Plus, there’s plenty of taxis outside, or if you prefer, Uber.

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