Review – Cathay Pacific Business Class – Hong Kong to Seoul – 777-300ER

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Our flight from Hong Kong to Seoul was in one of Cathay Pacific’s 777-300ERs that were fitted with the international seat configuration. This meant that the seats were in a reverse herringbone layout, which are much more private and comfortable than the 2-2-2 business class seating in the domestic 777s. I was also really excited about this flight because it would be my parent’s first time trying out this type of seat. On our previous segment from Singapore to Hong Kong, our international 777 was equipment swapped to a domestic 777.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-boeing-777-hkg-gate-1024x683
Our plane, a Cathay Pacific 777 being prepped for departure
OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-777-business-class-cabin-1024x683
Cathay Pacific International Business class configuration – reverse herringbone seats

Hong Kong (HKG) -> Seoul (ICN)
Airline: Cathay Pacific
Flight No: CX418
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER
Date: Monday, November 15, 2016
Scheduled Departure: 2:05 PM
Scheduled Arrival: 6:30 PM
Duration: 3 hrs 25 mins
Class: Business

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-777-business-class-cabin-3-1024x683
Business class cabin during boarding

I was seated in seat 16K, and my parents in 17K and 18K.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-777-business-class-seat-2-533x800
My seat, 16K
OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-777-business-class_seat_parents-1024x683
My parents in seats 17K and 18K

I had an orange juice for my pre-departure drink.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-777-business-class-predeparture-drink-orange-juice-533x800
Pre-departure beverage, orange juice

The reverse herringbone seats offer a good amount of privacy and storage space while not being too cramped, which is great. The seat itself was very well maintained.  There is a large footrest area that provide plenty of leg room even with the seat fully extended. All the seats in the business class cabin have direct aisle access.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-777-business-class-seat-3-533x800
Cathay Pacific international business class seat

A large TV screen swings out from the seat in front of you. You can stow it and keep it out of the way if not in use.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-777-business-class-tv-screen-1024x683
Large television screen can be stowed if not in use

On the side of the seat are the seat controls, handheld controller, reading lamp, and charging ports. Everything was very intuitive to use, although the controller felt a bit dated. (Especially compared to the one on the A350!)

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-777-business-class-seat-controls-533x800
Cathay Pacific international business class seat functions and entertainment controller

There is a larger storage area by your feet for bulkier items, or a cabinet above the side table, which also contains the headset.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-777-business-class-storage-533x800
Storage area on the bottom side of the seat
OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-777-business-class-side-storage-533x800
Another storage area above the side table, which also houses the headset

As we taxied out to the runway for departure, there were plenty of planes to spot.

OneMoreWeekToGo ana-boeing-777-hkg-1024x683
ANA 787 parked beside our gate
OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-a330-new-livery-hkg-1024x683
Cathay Pacific Airbus A330 in the new livery colors
OneMoreWeekToGo ana-boeing-737-hkg-1024x683
ANA Boeing 737

The meal service began shortly after departure as it was a short flight to Seoul. I started off with an Oriental Breeze and warm nuts.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-777-business-class-oriental-breeze-warm-nuts-1024x683
“Oriental Breeze” specialty drink and warm nuts to start

For my appetizer, I had the Gravlax salmon and potato with dill mustard mayonnaise, along with a side of mixed salad and garlic bread. Cathay Pacific tends to always have some kind of Salmon for the starters. Not that I’m complaining, as I love smoked salmon myself, and this dish was great.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-777-business-class-meal-smoked-salmon-appetizer-1024x683
Gravlax salmon, potato and dill mustard mayonnaise, with a side of salad and garlic bread

I followed that with an entree of stir fried chili prawns, glazed with crab meat, broccoli, red capsicum and steamed jasmine rice. It had a very homemade feel to it, but it was just okay.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-777-business-class-chili-prawns-rice-entree-1024x683
Stir fried chili prawns glazed with crab meat, broccoli, red capsicum and steamed jasmine rice

To finish off, I ordered a cheese plate and fresh seasonal fruit. The presentation of the cheese plate seemed a bit lazy, but it tasted good.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-777-business-class-meal-fruit-platter-cheese-plate-1024x683
Cheese plate and fruit platter

I was pretty full at this point, but I couldn’t refuse the Haagen Dazs ice cream. I got the macadamia nut brittle flavor, along with a coffee.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-777-business-class-meal-haagez-dazs-ice-cream-coffee-533x800
Coffee and Haagen Dazs ice cream

As the meal wrapped up, I could see the sky outside turning into shades of pink and pastel blue as we neared sunset. The mood lighting in the cabin matched it perfectly.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-777-business-class-sunset-engine-wing-1024x683
Sunset colors on the horizon as we approached Seoul
OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-777-business-class-cabin-mood-lighting-1024x683
Mood lighting in the cabin imitated the sky outside
OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-777-business-class-aisle-mood-lighting-533x800
Cathay Pacific international business class aisle

I stretched back for a bit to relax in the lie flat seat. It felt like such a short flight that I didn’t actually end up sleeping at all.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-777-business-class-seat-lieflat-533x800
Relaxing a bit on the lie-flat business class seats

As we descended into Seoul, it was already dark, so we got a great view of the Seoul city lights at night.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-777-business-class-window-ambient-lighting-1024x683
Beautiful views from the nicely lit cabin
OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-777-business-class-engine-wing-night-city-seoul-1024x576
Seoul city lights as we descended into Incheon International Airport
OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-777-gate-icn-seoul-1024x683
Our ride from Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific 777 parked at the gate in ICN

In Summary

All in all, it was a short but enjoyable flight with Cathay Pacific. I was really glad that we got the international business cabin configuration, instead of the domestic configuration we had flown on from Singapore to Hong Kong. The privacy and direct aisle access of the reverse herringbone seats make a huge difference even on a short flight. My parents thoroughly enjoyed the seat as well. As expected, the food quality was just alright, with no particular dish really surprising me or giving me any “wow” factor. In my opinion, if there’s one thing Cathay Pacific can work on, it’s the creativity and quality of the meals.

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