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The Cathay Pacific First & Business Class Lounge at Incheon is one of the two OneWorld lounges that the airport offers.  The other OneWorld lounge is the Korean Air Business Class Lounge, and judging from OneMileAtATime’s review, the Cathay Pacific Lounge seemed like the safer option.  I had an hour or so to check it out before my flight to Hong Kong.

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Cathay Pacific First & Business Class Lounge

Who can access the lounge?

Any passenger flying in business or first class with a OneWorld airline, or passengers with Sapphire or Emerald OneWorld status can enter the lounge.

Where is it?

The lounge is located in Terminal A by gate 118. You should see the lounge sign beside a set of escalators that goes up to Level 4. After the escalators, the lounge is located on the left hand side. Keep in mind that once you go to Terminal A via the shuttle train, you can’t take the train back into the main terminal.

The lounge opens for several hours at a time throughout the day. The hours are 06:30-10:20, 11:20-15:10, and 16:50-19:50.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-first-business-class-lounge-incheon-entrance-sign-escalators-533x800
Cathay Pacific First & Business Class Lounge Signage by the escalators
OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-first-business-class-lounge-incheon-entrance-1024x683
Cathay Pacific First & Business Class Lounge entrance

The Lounge

The Cathay Pacific lounge at Incheon retains the old Cathay Pacific lounge styling, so it definitely doesn’t have the same feel as The Pier in Hong Kong. The size of the lounge is quite small, but luckily when I visited it wasn’t crowded at all.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-first-business-class-lounge-incheon-reception-1024x683
Lounge reception

The main seating area is past the reception, with several different types of lounge chairs surrounding coffee tables.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-first-business-class-lounge-incheon-main-seating-area-1024x683
Main seating area
OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-first-business-class-lounge-incheon-main-seating-area-2-1024x683
Main seating area

Along one end of the lounge was a small buffet spread. The selection was mediocre, with mostly finger foods and cup noodles. In terms of hot foods, there was a single tray of dim sum, and several bowls of plain noodles, served with anchovy stock and condiments. It pales in comparison to the signature Noodle Bar found in other Cathay Pacific lounges.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-first-business-class-lounge-incheon-buffet-spread-1024x683
Buffet spread
OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-first-business-class-lounge-incheon-buffet-cup-noodles-1024x683
Buffet spread – cup noodles and pop machine
OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-first-business-class-lounge-incheon-buffet-sandwiches-1024x683
Buffet spread – finger sandwiches and drink fridge
OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-first-business-class-lounge-incheon-snacks-1024x683
Buffet spread – dried snacks and alcohol
OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-first-business-class-lounge-incheon-buffet-noodles-1024x683
Buffet spread – noodles with soup and condiments
OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-first-business-class-lounge-incheon-coffee-machine-1024x683
Buffet spread – coffee machine and dimsum
OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-first-business-class-lounge-incheon-dimsum-noodles-1024x683
Sampling a bit of food from the buffet

There was a good amount of natural lighting provided by the large windows looking out onto the apron. In front of the window was a large table with stool seating, convenient for enjoying your meal.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-first-business-class-lounge-incheon-windows-view-1024x683
Large windows let in plenty of natural light

Further into the lounge were several booths with more private seating.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-first-business-class-lounge-incheon-booth-seating-1024x683
Booth seating provides more privacy
OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-first-business-class-lounge-incheon-booth-seating-2-1024x683
Booth seating

A luggage storage area is available should you wish to leave your carry-on. Unfortunately there are no lockers in the lounge.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-first-business-class-lounge-incheon-luggage-storage-533x800
Luggage storage

Tucked away in another corner was a business center consisting of many cubicles with a workstation.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-first-business-class-lounge-incheon-business-center-1024x683
Business center
OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-first-business-class-lounge-incheon-business-center-cubicles-1024x683
Business center consisting of cubicles and workstations

Right next to that were the washrooms.

OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-first-business-class-lounge-incheon-washroom-2-533x800
OneMoreWeekToGo cathay-pacific-first-business-class-lounge-incheon-washroom-533x800

In Summary:

If you’re flying out of Terminal A at Incheon, the Cathay Pacific First & Business Class Lounge is a decent option to spend some time. The lounge was quiet and didn’t get crowded at all during my stay. The food choice is just average, with fairly limited hot food options. It’s also a small lounge, so the seating space is limited and the lounge doesn’t offer any shower rooms. Another potential downside would be the opening hours, as it closes several times throughout the day for an hour or so.  Depending on the time of your flight, you could get caught off guard and have the lounge closed on you.

What lounge do you go to when you fly out of Incheon? We’d love to hear what your experiences at this lounge. You can also let us know what you thought about this review!  If you want more reviews like this one, subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates and flight/hotel reviews.

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  1. You would not complain or be as critical of the original Cathay Pacific lounge if you saw the interim lounge solution is during – hopefully – what is only a renovation for the original lounge.

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