Review – Emirates Business Class – Barcelona to Dubai – a380

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Barcelona (BCN) -> Dubai International (DXB)
Airline: Emirates
Flight No: EK188
Aircraft: a380
Departure: 10:40 pm
Arrival: 7:25am
Duration: 5hr 45m
Class: Business
Seat: 11K

Our Emirates business class flight to Dubai was operated by an a380 instead of the 777-300ER which regularly flies the route. The gate was already packed by the time we got there, and the crew were doing some final checks before boarding. At around 10pm, boarding was announced and we quickly lined up at gate D19. We then boarded through the upper deck jet bridge which gave us a great view of the aircraft. I just love the view from the jet bridge!

OneMoreWeekToGo emirates-a380-business-class-glass-jetbridge-dxb-1024x768
Emirates Jet Bridge Boarding
OneMoreWeekToGo emirates-a380-wing-engine-view-jetbridge-1024x768
Jet Bridge Wing View

We were greeted at the door by several flight attendants, who seemed really genuine in welcoming us on board. My parents headed towards the First Class cabin, while I made a right towards the business cabin.  I was surprised to see the newer seats and IFE tablets compared to my previous trip to Italy.

OneMoreWeekToGo emirates-a380-business-class-cabin-seating-1024x768
Emirates a380 Business Class Seat Layout
OneMoreWeekToGo emirates-a380-business-class-seats-dim-1024x768
Emirates Business Class Seating

I settled into my seat 11K, which was a window seat.  The window seats feel extra private since the seat is not directly against the aisle. The flight attendants came over after I settled in and offered me an amenity kit and a pre-departure drink. While the remaining passengers boarded, I took a look at the menu to see the selection for the meal service.

OneMoreWeekToGo emirates-ek118-business-class-menu-cover-150x150    OneMoreWeekToGo emirates-ek118-business-class-menu-nonalcoholic-beverages-150x150   OneMoreWeekToGo emirates-ek118-business-class-menu-words-from-chef-150x150   OneMoreWeekToGo emirates-ek118-business-class-menu-dinner-150x150   OneMoreWeekToGo emirates-ek118-business-class-menu-alcohol-2-150x150   OneMoreWeekToGo emirates-ek118-business-class-menu-alcohol-150x150

We had an on-time push back and literally taxied less than a minute to the runway, which was right beside our gate. It was my first time on a flight where the plane was waiting for the safety video to finish in order to take off.

Once we were airborne, the crew took our meal orders and quickly offered drinks and a small dish of warm nuts to start. I started off dinner with the Smoked Tuna Tataki for appetizer, followed by the Beef Estouffade for the entree, both of which were really good.

OneMoreWeekToGo emirates-a380-business-class-meal-champagne-nuts-1024x768
Champagne and Warm Nuts
OneMoreWeekToGo emirates-a380-business-class-meal-appetizer-1024x768
Smoked Tuna Tataki Appetizer
OneMoreWeekToGo emirates-a380-business-class-meal-entree-1024x768
Beef Estouffade Entree

For dessert, I opted for the Banoffee Torte accompanied with a cappuccino and chocolates. The torte was simply amazing and the portion was just about right.

OneMoreWeekToGo emirates-a380-business-class-dessert-1024x768
Banoffee Torte Dessert

After the meal service, the crew came by everyone’s seat to prepare the turn down service. The lights were dimmed and mattress pads were provided for sleeping, which I found to be a nice touch.

OneMoreWeekToGo emirates-a380-business-class-ambient-cabin-turndown-1024x768
Emirates Turndown Service

While my bed was being prepared, I headed to the back of the cabin to check out the on-board bar.

OneMoreWeekToGo emirates-a380-business-class-onboard-bar-1024x768
Emirates a380 Onboard Bar

The bar area had snacks and finger sandwiches available, but I was way too full at this point to have any more food. There was a nice air  show display as well, which showed that we were almost halfway to Dubai.

OneMoreWeekToGo emirates-a380-business-class-onboard-airshow-bar-1024x768
Onboard Bar Air Show Display

After the visit to the on board bar, I returned to my seat and got two hours of sleep.  Two hours later, the flight attendants started preparing the cabin for arrival.

OneMoreWeekToGo emirates-a380-business-class-ambient-lighting-1024x768
Onboard Ambient Lighting

The approach into Dubai was really nice as we came in over the Persian Gulf, with a view of the Dubai coast line.

OneMoreWeekToGo emirates-a380-wing-engine-view-1024x768
Approach to Dubai

We had a really nice landing, and as usual my eyes were glued to the window, with the many 777s and a380s at Dubai airport. Just amazing!

OneMoreWeekToGo emirates-tails-dubai-dxb-1024x768
Taxiing to the Gate at Dubai International

We had a short taxi to the gate and parked right at the corner of the B concourse. I’m not sure what happened at the gate but the deplaning process was extremely slow, and everyone was just standing in the aisle all packed for about 20 minutes. I was sweating by the time I got off the plane and realized that there was only ONE jet bridge operating for an entire a380.

OneMoreWeekToGo emirates-a380-parked-at-gate-dubai-dxb-1024x768
Emirates a380 Parked at Gate

In Summary:

Emirates continues to be exceptional with their offering. From the spacious a380, extravagant decor, and amenities like the on-board bar, I found the flight really enjoyable even for a red-eye flight. Compared to my previous experience with Emirates, the crew was just fantastic and the service felt really genuine. The food was nice, and there was just enough time after the meal service for a good nap, before a full day in Dubai. Overall I really enjoyed flying with Emirates out of Barcelona, especially on their a380.

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