Review – Emirates Business Class – Dubai to Rome – A380

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Dubai International Airport

We arrived at the airport early, as we wanted to have enough time to check out the Emirates Business Class Lounge in Dubai International Airport.  We quickly got checked in and tagged our bags with the nice Emirates luggage tags.

Dubai (DXB) -> Rome (FCO)
Airline: Emirates
Flight No: EK97
Aircraft: Airbus A380
Departure: 9:10 am
Arrival: 1:25 pm
Duration: 6h 15m
Class: Business
Seat: 18K

Emirates Business Class Lounge

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Heading up to the lounge

After making our way through security and immigration, we arrived at a set of escalators that brought us up to the Emirates lounge.  The Business class lounge is on the 3rd floor, while the First class lounge is one floor below on the second floor.

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Emirates Business Class Lounge
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Emirates Business Class Lounge reception
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Emirates Business Class Lounge reception

Once welcomed into the lounge, we took a lap around to check out the facilities.  What’s impressive about the Emirates Business and First Class lounges is that it spans the entire length of the terminal building. This lounge is huge!  There are several dinning areas spread across the lounge, with plenty of seating for each.  There is also a quiet area away from the main seating, where you can find personal resting pods but we found most of them were already taken by other passengers.

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Map of the Emirates Business class Lounge
OneMoreWeekToGo IMG_3037-683x1024
View of the terminal from the lounge
OneMoreWeekToGo IMG_3044-1024x683
One of the many buffet areas

OneMoreWeekToGo IMG_20160602_062321-1024x768

OneMoreWeekToGo IMG_3043-1024x683
Seating area along the main corridor
OneMoreWeekToGo DSC00770-1024x768
Quieter seating area
OneMoreWeekToGo IMG_3039-1024x683
Seating area with a water fountain
OneMoreWeekToGo IMG_20160602_062455-768x1024
Emirates lounge signage

Another great feature we found was the fact that you could board your flight directly from within the lounge, saving you the time and effort of leaving the lounge and getting to your gate.

OneMoreWeekToGo DSC00768-1024x768
Gates inside the Emirates Lounge

After taking a tour of the lounge, we sat down at one of the many buffet areas (which are all the same) to have breakfast.  I had a couple of croissants, along with some ham, bacon, and sausages, and an orange juice to drink. There were also some dates from Emirates that they serve on board available and I would definitely recommend you at least try some.

OneMoreWeekToGo IMG_20160602_064915-768x1024
Breakfast at the lounge

Once finished with breakfast, we moved to a quieter area to relax and do some plane-spotting until our boarding time.  It wasn’t difficult to find a quiet area, as the lounge was enormous, and much of the seating area was available.

OneMoreWeekToGo DSC00737-1024x768
View from the lounge

Once our flight was ready for boarding, we proceeded to our gate within the lounge, and took the elevator down to the Upper Deck boarding platform.

OneMoreWeekToGo DSC00792-1024x768
Elevator from the lounges to the boarding area

Emirates A380 Business Cabin Seat

OneMoreWeekToGo DSC00796-1024x768
View of our A380 from the jet bridge

Emirate’s business class cabin is on the upper deck, so we boarded through the upper deck jet bridge with a nice welcome view of the a380.

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Boarding through the upper jet bridge
OneMoreWeekToGo IMG_3072-1024x683
View of the powerful A380 engines while boarding

At this point, both Peterson and I were super excited to be boarding our first A380!  We were welcomed aboard by the crew, and made our way down the right aisle to our seats 18K and 20K.  Emirates A380 business class cabin features window seats that alternate between window-adjacent or aisle-adjacent.  In this case both 18K and 20K were window-adjacent seats, which Peterson and I both preferred, as it felt more private with the side table between the seat and the aisle, and also because we could more easily look out the window for some plane spotting and in-flight views.

OneMoreWeekToGo IMG_3074-1024x683
Emirates A380 Business Seat 18K

I was pretty impressed by the spaciousness and privacy of the seats.

OneMoreWeekToGo IMG_3079-683x1024
Emirates A380 Business Seat legroom
OneMoreWeekToGo IMG_3078-1024x683
Seat mini-bar and entertainment tablet

The seat controls were rather limited, with just three options (upright, lounge, and rest).  Holding onto the buttons would continue to adjust the seat until you let go.

OneMoreWeekToGo PHOTO_20160602_090223-759x1024
Seat functions

The seat window blinds can be opened and closed at the touch of two arrow buttons on the bottom.  There are actually two separate layers that open and close in stages, which is really neat.

OneMoreWeekToGo DSC00825-1024x768
Window blind feature, in the middle of closing the darkening shade.

The meal and wine menus were already available at our seats during boarding.

OneMoreWeekToGo IMG_20160602_093140-768x1024
Meal and wine menus
OneMoreWeekToGo PHOTO_20160602_100007-759x1024
Entertainment controller and TV

I was also impressed by the huge amounts of storage available in the two side storage compartments available at each seat.  You could probably fit the entire contents of your carry on baggage into one of these compartments.

OneMoreWeekToGo PHOTO_20160602_090242-1024x759
Side storage compartments


OneMoreWeekToGo PHOTO_20160602_084514-1024x759
Business cabin during boarding
OneMoreWeekToGo PHOTO_20160602_115755-759x1024
Bvlgari toiletries in the lavatories

As the boarding process continued, we were served pre-departure beverages, which consisted of champagne or apple juice.  I selected the apple juice as usual.

OneMoreWeekToGo DSC00822-1024x576
View from my seat 18K

Departure and Meal Service

We had an on schedule push-back and began to taxi to our departure runway.  My eyes switched back and forth between the window and the tail camera view displayed on the TV.

OneMoreWeekToGo PHOTO_20160602_092836-1024x759
Tail cam during taxi

We were served beverages and warm nuts after takeoff.

OneMoreWeekToGo PHOTO_20160602_100614-759x1024
Departure beverage and warm nuts

Shortly into the flight, the lunch service began.  I started off with an AMAZING smoked halibut carpaccio appetizer dish, along with a side of salad.  The salsa worked so well with the halibut.  This was pretty much the highlight of this flight.  It was THAT good.

OneMoreWeekToGo IMG_20160602_110836-1024x768
Smoked halibut carpaccio served with mango and avocado salsa and coriander line dressing

This was followed by my main course of Beef Roulade.  I’m always scared that the beef would be too tough on planes, but this beef was soft and pretty good as well.

OneMoreWeekToGo PHOTO_20160602_113057-1024x759
Beef fillet rolled with pistachios and onions, served with mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables and baharat-spiced jus.

For dessert I had a chocolate mousse cake.  The mousse was smooth and creamy while the layer on the bottom was crunchy, giving it a nice texture overall.

OneMoreWeekToGo PHOTO_20160602_114444-1024x759
Chocolate mousse cake filled with mango compote and served with poached cherries

Not full after dessert?  How about a nicely served cheese board with a wine accompaniment.

OneMoreWeekToGo IMG_20160602_115657-1024x768
Cheese board: Cropwell Bishop Stilton, Saint-Paulin, Garcia Manchego and oak-smoked cheddar.

The pace of the meal service felt a bit quick, as we still had a good amount of time after wrapping up.  I was constantly checked up on to have my plates taken away, which felt like I was being rushed to eat faster.  I would have preferred if it was spaced out a bit more.

OneMoreWeekToGo PHOTO_20160602_115329-759x1024
Airshow on the portable tablet

Emirates On-board Bar

After some time lounging at our seats and letting our stomachs digest our lunch, Peterson and I decided to check out the on-board bar.  One of the great things about the size of the A380 is that you can fit some pretty neat amenities inside a plane.  For example, the Emirates A380 features an on-board shower, available only to first class passengers.  Damn!  Fortunately, the on-board bar is open to first and business class passengers, and is located on the upper deck, at the rear of the plane.

It’s a very cool area where you can grab drinks from a bartender, sit on the surrounding couches and socialize with your family, friends, and strangers, or just to grab some snacks in between meals should you feel hungry.

OneMoreWeekToGo IMG_20160602_114729-1024x768
Assortment of snacks, and a TV displaying the in-flight airshow


OneMoreWeekToGo DSC00859-768x1024
Emirates on-board bar
OneMoreWeekToGo DSC00868-768x1024
Snacks at the bar
OneMoreWeekToGo DSC00854-768x1024
Couches surround both sides of the bar, allowing passengers to sit and socialize

The bartender saw us taking pictures and kindly offered Peterson and I a photo-op standing in the bar itself!

OneMoreWeekToGo DSC00849-768x1024
Me standing inside the Emirates bar

We stayed at the bar for a bit to have a drink and some snacks, and returned to our seats for some rest (as there were only a couple hours left in our flight), but not before grabbing another fruit tart from the bar. 🙂

OneMoreWeekToGo PHOTO_20160602_124524-759x1024
Fruit tart from the A380 bar
OneMoreWeekToGo PHOTO_20160602_123634-759x1024
Walking back from the bar to 18K, through the business class cabin

I decided to watch a James Bond movie for a bit, and then took a short nap before our approach into Rome.

OneMoreWeekToGo PHOTO_20160602_131823-759x1024
Trying out the bed
OneMoreWeekToGo PHOTO_20160602_124535-1024x759
Dimmed business cabin


I had a blast flying on the Emirates A380 for the first time.  Of all the flight segments on this trip, I was most excited about this one, mostly because of the plane type and the onboard bar.  Even with four engines, the a380 was a lot quieter than I expected, which was great for getting some rest.  You can really feel the spaciousness of the cabin and the onboard bar really sets it apart from other airlines.


I absolutely loved the seat.  Although it was an older A380 and the seat was starting to see some wear and tear near the armrest and the foot ottoman, the amount of storage space you get makes up for it.  As I mentioned earlier, the large storage drawers on the side are enormous, and the side table is large and has trays for smaller items like phones and headsets.  The seat itself is private and comfortable, and the fully lie-flat configuration is great for getting some sleep.

Meal and Service

The service was good, but not the best.  It didn’t have that personal touch, like my previous Emirates flight from Seattle, and the meal service was a bit rushed in my opinion.  I tend to be a slow eater, so I felt like I had to eat faster to keep up with the pace of service.  There was one lady that stood out, as she would enthusiastically come by to refill our glasses as soon as they were just a bit less than full.  The food itself was delicious, especially that halibut appetizer.  Trust me, order it if you see it on the menu next time you fly Emirates business class.

Entertainment System

I didn’t use the entertainment system much, but from what I could tell it was identical to the ICE system on the Emirates 777, which was enjoyable to use and had an abundant selection of movies and shows.  One complaint I have is the position of the Entertainment tablet controller, which was a bit awkward to get to and press comfortably.  Maybe this is just because I am left handed.

On-board Bar

And finally, we can’t forget the bar!  It is such a unique and fun area to hang out, especially on a plane at 40,000 ft in the air.  It just felt so surreal.  Be sure to check it out next time you’re on an Emirates A380.

Overall, it was a fantastic flight, and I honestly wish the flight time was longer for this one.  Kudos to you, Emirates!

OneMoreWeekToGo DSC00886-1024x1024
Etihad and Alitalia tails greet us at the gate in FCO

Have you flown on this flight before? How was your experience of it? Leave a comment to let me know!

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