Review – Emirates Business Class – Seattle to Dubai – 777-200LR

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Our trip started in the very early hours of the morning, as we had to head to the airport around 3am to catch our 6am flight to Seattle.

Vancouver, Canada (YVR) -> Seattle (SEA)
Airline: Alaska
Flight No: AS2227
Aircraft: Bombardier Q400
Departure: 6:00 am
Arrival: 6:49 am
Duration: 49m
Class: Coach
Seat: 9B

Upon arriving at the YVR domestic terminal, we checked our bags in, and grabbed a quick bite before heading to the gate.  Our short flight was on a Bombardier Q400, which cannot park at an actual gate with a jet bridge, so we were required to board the plane from out on the tarmac.  Unluckily, it was pouring rain that morning.  As we sprinted for the boarding stairs, we saw that our plane was sporting the University of Washington special livery.

OneMoreWeekToGo alaska_q400_yvr-1024x759
Alaska Q400 in the University of Washington livery

We had an on-time departure and it was a quick flight down to Seattle.  We both napped a bit, as we were running on 3 hours of sleep each.

Once in Seattle, we had about 3 hours till our next flight, so we had some food and drinks at The Club at Sea lounge.

Seattle (SEA) -> Dubai (DXB)
Airline: Emirates
Flight No: EK228
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200LR
Departure: 9:40 am
Arrival: 10:55 am
Duration: 14hr 15m
Class: Business
Seat: 9A

We headed for our gate about 20 minutes before boarding, to take some pictures of our flight.

OneMoreWeekToGo emirates_772
Emirates 777-200LR at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Upon boarding, we were directed to our seats 9A and 9B.  As we settled into our seats we received a warm welcome from our flight attendant, who offered us pre-flight drinks.  I opted for an orange juice while Peterson had a glass of champagne.


OneMoreWeekToGo emirates_772_seat_3-1024x683
Seat 9B (left), Seat 9A (right) angle-flat business class seats
OneMoreWeekToGo emirates_772_seat_1-1024x683
Seat 9A and 9B, angle-flat business class seats

The Emirates 777-200LR features the older style business class seats with angle-flat beds, in a 2-2-2 configuration.  While being an older product, the seat configuration offered a generous amount of legroom, and was rather comfortable.  It was very suited for a pair travelling together, as you could lower the middle divider and be able to socialize easily, without needing to lean forward too much.  The main touchscreen TV is embedded in the seat in front, and you also get a tablet-sized controller that you can use to control the entertainment, docking conveniently on the side of the seat.

One thing that was a bit annoying was the lack of surface area to put things.  There is a center console with two cupholders (one per seat), and a small ledge for other items or another drink.  There really isn’t much usable space besides that.  During the flight I was in a constant struggle to find creative locations to put my phone, camera, headset, etc.

OneMoreWeekToGo emirates_772_seat_2-223x300
Dockable controller to make your entertainment selections.

Soon after takeoff, we were served another round of drinks accompanied by nuts, and had our orders taken for lunch.

OneMoreWeekToGo drink_and_nuts-759x1024
Apple spritzer and warm nuts

I decided to get the traditional Arabic mezze to start, which was amazing.  The mezze is basically a selection of savory middle eastern specialties including moutabel (spicy eggplant dip), muhammara (hot pepper dip), and stuffed vine leaves.  The flavor is very unique, and I highly recommend you to try it if you get a chance.

OneMoreWeekToGo arabic_mezze-1024x759
Traditional Arabic mezze

For my main I went with the Methi Murgh, which is a dish that features chicken served with cumin pulao rice and a sweet and sour vegetable jalfrezi.  It was also very good.

OneMoreWeekToGo methi_murgh-1024x759
Methi murph main course

I topped off my meal with a nice and simple berry torte, served with berry compote.

OneMoreWeekToGo berry_tart-1024x759
Hedgerow berry torte for dessert

Peterson also had the Arabic mezze to start, but had the Seafood Machbous for his main instead.  For dessert, he had the mocha tart.

OneMoreWeekToGo seafood_machbous
Seafood Machbous

One issue I noticed throughout the meal, was the fact that the retractable tray table was pretty much resting on top of my lap.  I didn’t have much wiggle room at all for my legs, and even setting the seat in the most upright position there wasn’t much room at all.  I wish the tray table could have rested a bit higher, so it would have been easier to readjust myself in my seat without being afraid of knocking my food off the tray.

After lunch, we were given our amenity kits, which were made by Bvlgari.  It came with common hygiene accessories, including a razor and shaving cream, antiperspirant, toothbrush and toothpaste, a fold-able comb, a pack of tissues, and a set of Bvlgari body lotion, after shave balm, and cologne.  It was a pretty decent sized kit.

OneMoreWeekToGo emirates_amenity_kit-1024x759
Bvlgari amenity kit

A couple hours into the flight, I decided to try out Emirate’s in-flight entertainment system, known as “ICE” (Information, Communication, Entertainment).  The selection of movies and TV shows were enormous, more than any other airline I’ve been on, but I will say that most of them are more obscure titles that you probably haven’t heard of.

After watching a movie, I had my bed made so I could get some sleep.  At this point I’d probably been awake for more than 20 hours, so I was pretty exhausted.  The flight attendant came by to set a mattress on my seat.  The cabin had already been dimmed for people to rest, while the ceiling was illuminated with speckles of light that resembled a starry night sky.  I thought that was a pretty cool touch, compared to the more common blue mood lighting seen in other planes.

OneMoreWeekToGo ceiling_lights
Starry ceiling lights

I woke up about two hours later and was immediately asked by the flight attendant if I would like anything to eat.  I was moderately hungry, so I scanned the menu and ordered myself a smoked salmon and broccoli quiche.

OneMoreWeekToGo smoked_salmon_broccoli_quiche-1024x759
Smoked salmon and broccoli quiche

Several hours before arrival, the breakfast service began.  I had the French toast served with maple syrup and berries, while Peterson had the scrambled eggs with chives.

OneMoreWeekToGo french_toast-1024x759
French toast served with maple syrup and berries
OneMoreWeekToGo scrambled_eggs-1024x768
Scrambled eggs with chives on grilled sourdough, served with veal sausages, rosti, baked beans, mushrooms and roasted tomatoes

As we approached Dubai, I was treated with the breathtaking views of the rugged desert landscape below.  We had a smooth descent into DXB, followed by a rather long taxi to our gate.

OneMoreWeekToGo desert_landscape
On approach to DXB
OneMoreWeekToGo taxiing_to_gate-1024x683
Taxiing to the gate at DXB
OneMoreWeekToGo emirates_planes-1024x768
Land of the Emirates


This was my first time flying with Emirates, and even though I came in with high expectations, I was very impressed about this flight.  The service was top-notch, the food was great (especially the Arabic mezze), and the selection of entertainment was abundant.  I also had $1 Wifi on-board, which was awesome.  I would have liked more storage space around my seat, and it would have been even better if the seat was fully lie-flat.  Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the 14 hours on this flight.

Flying the 777-200LR was great, but the A380 is on another level.  My next flight on Emirates will be on the A380 from Dubai to Rome.  How does that compare?

OneMoreWeekToGo selfie-768x1024
Happy plane geek 🙂

Have you flown on this flight before? How was your experience of it? Leave a comment to let me know!

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