Review – JAL Class J – Kagoshima to Tokyo Haneda – 767-300

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From the lobby of our hotel, we took an airport shuttle to Kagoshima Airport, which was about an hour away. We drove past some really beautiful countryside scenery, which was made really dramatic by the ever-smoking Sakurajima volcano in the backdrop.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-scenery
Driving past beautiful Kyushu countryside towards Kagoshima Airport

On our way to Kyushu, we had already tried JAL’s First Class domestic service, from HND to FUK. This time on our way back to HND, we wanted to try JAL’s Class J service, which is what JAL calls their domestic business class service. For this particular flight, Class J was just $10-$15 dollars more per seat, so it wasn’t a difficult decision to try it. For the most part, you just get a slightly wider seat. The service and everything remains the same.

Kagoshima airport is not a big airport, serviced by one runway and composed of a single terminal building with a handful of gates. Most of the traffic is domestic, and the only international flights are to neighboring countries such as China and Korea. Nevertheless, the airport felt comfortable and clean, and there are still plenty of shops and restaurants for you to choose from.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-domestic-terminal
Kagoshima Airport
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-departure-board
Departure board
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-terminal
Kagoshima Airport Terminal

After getting checked in, we went up to the 2nd floor and sat down at a coffee shop to have breakfast. From the restaurant you could see into the secure area where you could see planes parked at the gates, as well as planes landing on the runway.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-french-toast
Ordered a French Toast for breakfast at the cafe

After eating, we checked out the “SORA STAGE” exhibition room as well as the observation deck. It seems almost every airport in Japan has some kind of observation deck. North American airports, take note! 🙂

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-observation-deck
Kagoshima Airport observation deck

From the observation deck, you could see a good portion of the runway, as well as a view of all the gates. As we were still really early for our flight, we spent a good amount of time here plane-spotting and enjoying the beautiful weather. There were a lot of other aviation enthusiasts on the deck as well.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-tarmac
Kagoshima Airport observation deck

After checking out the observation deck, we got ourselves through security and waited for our plane at the gate.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-gate
Our plane, a Boeing 767-300
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-gate-interior
Boarding gate

Kagoshima (KOJ) -> Tokyo Haneda (HND)
Airline: Japan Airlines
Flight No: JAL646
Aircraft: Boeing 767-300
Date: March 24, 2018
Scheduled Departure: 12:50 PM
Scheduled Arrival: 2:25 PM
Duration: 1 hr 35 mins
Class: Class J

JAL’s Class J is in a 2-2-2 seating configuration with 7 rows. We had selected seats 5H and 5K on the right side of the plane.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-seats-2
JAL Domestic Class J
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-seat
JAL Domestic Class J

The seats had a decent width and were pretty comfortable given the short flight. It reminded me of Domestic First Class flights in North America, such as United’s Domestic First Class. There was a small center console for drinks or other small personal items. There was an IFE panel on the side of the seat, which I think just controlled some music channels, as there was no IFE screen available. Pleasant blue mood lighting lit up the cabin ceiling.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-side-table
Center Console / Side Table
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-seat-ife-control
IFE Controls
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-seat-front-3
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-recline-controls
Seat recline function
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-cabin-ambient
Cabin ambient lighting

In terms of amenities, a bright red Class J blanket was provided, as well as a set of headphones. The tray table can be found tucked beneath one of the armrests, and folds out to a decent size.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-headphone
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-blanket
Class J Blanket
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-tray-table
Tray Table found beneath armrest
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-tray-table-extended
Tray Table Extended

After pushback, it was a quick taxi to the runway, since the airport wasn’t very big.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-view
Pushing back from Gate 10, beside J-Air
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-tarmac-2
Small domestic planes in front of KOJ Tower
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-tarmac-3
JAL Q400 in the old livery
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-takeoff-view-1
Views after takeoff
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-takeoff-view-2
Views of Kagoshima Airport after takeoff
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-wingview
Views during cruise

There was no meal service for the flight, but there was beverage service. I just ordered myself a coffee.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-coffee-snack
Coffee service

What surprised me was that there was free Wifi on board, and it was actually a pretty fast speed!

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-wifi
Wifi card instructions
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-cabin
Class J cabin during cruise
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-wing-view-2
Approaching Haneda
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-wing-view-3
Final approach into Haneda

Much of the flight was pretty uneventful, and pretty soon we were on approach into Tokyo. There’s not a whole lot to review for this flight, as it was such a short flight where there wasn’t much service or amenities provided. Having said that, I would still recommend going for the upgrade to Class J if you can, as the price gap is not significant at all. Even for the wider and more comfortable seat, I would say it is worth it.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-lufthansa-a350
Taxiing past a Lufthansa A350 at Haneda
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-jal-japan-airlines-jl646-class-j-domestic-kagoshima-haneda-767-gate-2
Arrived in Haneda!

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