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From the onset of our trip planning, we were already amazed by the architecture of the Park Hyatt Bangkok. Coincidentally, the hotel was set to be open during our time in Bangkok, so we were pretty determined on staying here.

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Park Hyatt Bangkok

From the airport, it was about a 40 minute taxi ride to the hotel entrance. Bangkok traffic is just insane! As soon as we stepped out of the taxi, we were greeted by no less than three hotel staff who were as friendly as could be. We were led inside while our luggage was taken care of, and we were given a luggage tag for check-in.

The ground floor of the hotel reminded of a high-end art museum. The actual lobby and reception are located on the 10th floor, above the connected Central Embassy Mall. We were directed to a set of elevators and escorted up to the lobby floor, where we were greeted by more friendly staff at the check-in desk.

OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-ground-lobby-2
Park Hyatt Bangkok ground lobby
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-ground-lobby
Park Hyatt Bangkok ground lobby
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-reception
Reception area
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-lobby-meeting-area
Lobby meeting room
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-lobby-meeting-area-2
Lobby meeting room
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-lobby-hallway
Lobby hallway
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-lobby-elevator
Lobby elevators
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-elevator
Elevator floors

Park Hyatt Bangkok Standard King Room

After a quick confirmation of our reservation, we were led upstairs to our room 2208, which is a standard King room, where we finished up the check-in process and were given a tour of our room and room features.

OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-room-entrance
Room 2208

Upon entering the room, on the right side was the king bed, flanked by two side tables. Behind a divider wall (which had beautifully decorated glass panels) was a walk-in closet area.

OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-bed-2
Park King Room
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-overview-1
Park King Room
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-closet
Walk-in closet
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-safe
In-room safe
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-closet-amenities
Closet amenities

Over on the left was the business desk, as well as a cupboard containing various glassware and plating, a Nespresso coffee machine, as well as the mini fridge.

OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-desk
Business desk and cupboard
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-desk-power
Desk charging outlets
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-glassware-cupboard
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-teaset-glassware
Teaset and glassware
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-coffee-amenities
Nespresso capsules and teabags
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-china-plates
Water boiler, plates, cups
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-mini-fridge
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-snacks

A large TV was mounted on a pivot stand, while an arm chair and ottoman sat beside it in the corner. Large, full length windows lined the entirety of the room, making it feel that much more open. The view from the room was alright – it was mostly filled up by the two tall buildings on the other side of the street, one of which was The Okura hotel, which we initially considered staying at.

OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-windows
Large windows along the length of the room
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-tv
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-view-1
View from the room

Further into the room on the left was an extremely spacious bathroom. A double sink was available which is always appreciated. A free-standing bathtub sat to the side, featuring Le Labo (Bergamote 22) amenities.

OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-bathroom-overview
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-bathroom-sink-2
Double sink
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-bathroom-water
Bathroom amenities
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-bathroom-sink-3
Double sink faucet
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-bathroom-bathtub
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-bathroom-bathtub-faucet
Bathtub faucet
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-bathroom-bath-amenities
Le Labo “Bergamote 22” amenities

The toilet was found in its own stall, and beside that a large walk-in shower was available as well, complete with a rainfall shower head.

OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-bathroom-toilet-shower
Bathroom toilet + walk-in shower
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-bathroom-toilet
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-bathroom-walk-in-shower
Walk-in shower
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-bathroom-walk-in-shower-faucet
Walk-in shower faucet

In the evening, one of the hotel staff would come to the room to offer turn-down service. This included setting up the bed, placing down new, comfortable slippers, and stocking up the side table with fresh bottled water and a glass. It was a very simple service, but felt very personal and thoughtful.

OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-bottled-water
Turn-down water service
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-bed-3
King bed in turn down mode
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-room-controls
Room lighting controls and thermostat

Breakfast Service

Our room rate didn’t include complimentary breakfast, but we decided to try out the breakfast buffet the first morning. The breakfast is held on the 9th floor restaurant, just down these beautiful set of stairs from the lobby (of course you can also get there via elevator).

OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-lobby-stairs
Lobby stairs to restaurant and pool
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-lobby-stairs-2
Lobby stairs to restaurant and pool

The seating area was really beautiful, featuring tall ceilings and interesting hanging art. Some of the following shots were taken the night before, but during the morning the area was naturally lit, which I always appreciate.

OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-restaurant-seating-4
Restaurant seating
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-restaurant-seating-2
Restaurant seating
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-restaurant-ceiling
Tall ceilings and hanging art
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-seating-2
Restaurant seating
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-seating
Restaurant communal seating

You could also choose to sit outside in the patio, which was equally nice.

OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-restaurant-patio-2
Restaurant patio

We gave our room number to the host and were directed towards a 2-seater table very close to the hot foods buffet area. You could either pay 850 Baht (~$34 CAD) for “The Park Breakfast” which includes the full buffet and your choice of one à la carte option (see menu below for full choices), or you could skip the buffet and just order from the menu itself. We opted for the buffet, and selected the Pad Thai specialty dish.

OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-seating-4
Restaurant seating
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-seating-3
Restaurant seating
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-menu
Breakfast menu
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-2
Pad Thai

The hot food items consisted of pretty standard choices, such as bacon, sausages and stir-fried chicken and veggies, along with some dimsum. Personally I enjoyed the cold food selection more, which included choices like smoked salmon, a variety of salad bowls, cereals, a huge assortment of pastries and bread, several types of cheese, ham and salami and a diverse selection of fruits. There was also a smoothie bar where you could customize your perfect smoothie blend!

OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-3-buffet
Hot food spread
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-7
Hot food spread
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-18
Breakfast buffet
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-19
Roasted pork sausage ring
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-16
Cold foods spread
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-15
Smoothie bar
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-14
Crepe machine and bread
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-13
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-12
Cereals and fruits
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-11
Yogurts and muesli
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-10
Salad bowls and smoked salmon
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-9
Cheese and ham
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-8
Cold food spread
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-1
Hot food selection
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-6-smoked-salmon
Smoked salmon dish
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-4
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-breakfast-5-coffee

Infinity Pool

Directly outside from the restaurant was the swimming pool. There were a bunch of lounge chairs right in front of the pool, and more along the side on an elevated area, which also included a couple of cabanas. The pool provided nice views into the surrounding city.

OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-infinity-pool-2
Infinity pool
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-infinity-pool-lounge-chairs
Infinity pool lounge chairs
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-thumbnail
Infinity Pool
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-infinity-pool-view
Infinity Pool views

Fitness Center

A fitness center is available on the 11th floor. I don’t frequent the gym much, but it seemed pretty well equipped.

OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-gym-amenities
Fitness center amenities
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-gym
Fitness Center
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-fitness-center-2
Fitness Center

Rooftop Bar

On the top floor of the hotel there is a rooftop bar where you can enjoy drinks and snacks while enjoying views of the Bangkok skyline. There is an air-conditioned indoor area that contains booth seating and bar seating, as well as an open-air upper floor. We chose to stay indoors as it was still quite stuff outside even at night.

OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-roof-top-bar
Rooftop bar
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-rooftop-bar-2
Rooftop bar
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-rooftop-skyline
Rooftop skyline

Central Embassy Mall & Accessibility

The Park Hyatt Bangkok is connected directly with the Central Embassy Mall as well as the metro station, making it super convenient. The mall is a bit on the higher end in terms of shopping, but there are plenty of affordable food options including restaurants, cafes, bars, as well as a very trendy food court area on the top floor. Throughout our three day stay in Bangkok, we ate in this mall several times.

OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-central-embassy-mall
Central Embassy Mall
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-central-embassy-mall-2
Top floor market and food court
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-mall-food-court
Mall food court
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-foodcourt-noodles
Food court noodles
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-main-entrance-exterior-1
Walkway connection to metro
OneMoreWeekToGo park-hyatt-bangkok-king-room-review-onemoreweektogo-metro
Phloen Chit metro station

In Summary

My experience at the Park Hyatt Bangkok was nothing short of exceptional. Every inch of the hotel was beautifully designed and furnished. The standard King room exceeded my expectations in terms of the layout, decor and amenities. The service provided by the hotel staff was among the best I’ve ever experienced at any hotel. While the breakfast buffet could have had a bit more variety, everything tasted delicious and fresh. I loved the infinity pool area, as it was the perfect place to sit back and unwind. The convenience provided by the connected mall and the accessibility of the metro was great. I can’t recommend this hotel enough if you are travelling through Bangkok.


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  1. Wow! That hotel looks AMAZING!!! every hotel review of yours that I read/watch, it makes me realise how badly I need to travel.

    Good work as usual Alvin, keep it going!

    1. Thanks so much Karim 😁 Originally I had a video report planned but they all got corrupted 🙁 if you ever go to Bangkok do consider this hotel!

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