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Before boarding our flight to Seoul, we had a couple hours to check out the Qantas Lounge in Hong Kong International Airport. I was excited to check it out as I had heard great things about it.

Who can access the lounge?

Any passenger flying in business or first class with a OneWorld airline, or passengers with Sapphire or Emerald OneWorld status can enter the lounge.

Where is it?

The lounge is located on level 7 of the terminal, directly above gate 15. If you’re passing through the north immigration, the lounge entrance should be immediately on your right hand side. If you went through the south immigration, you’ll need to walk several minutes to get there.

It’s a bit easy to miss the lounge if it is your first time visiting. That’s because there is only a small discrete sign marking the lounge entrance, which is down a short hallway. Additionally, during peak hours there may be lots of travelers standing in front of the sign, waiting for friends and family passing through immigration. You wouldn’t notice there is a lounge there if you weren’t looking for it.

The lounge is open from 9:30am until 11:30pm.

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-entrance-signage-1024x683
Qantas Hong Kong Lounge signage
OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-entrance-hallway-1024x683
Hallway leading to the Qantas Hong Kong Lounge entrance

The Lounge

Upon entering the reception, I already liked the simple industrial look and the color schemes. The receptionist scanned our boarding passes and welcomed us to the lounge.

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-reception-1024x683
Qantas Hong Kong Lounge reception
OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-entrance-wall-signage-1024x683
Qantas Hong Kong Lounge wall signage

The Qantas Hong Kong Lounge has a bright and airy atmosphere lit with lots of natural light from the tall terminal windows. Its a very modern and chic-looking lounge with absolutely TONS of space and seating options. The lounge was not busy at all, which was awesome, as The Wing by Cathay Pacific can be quite packed.

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-seating-area-1-1024x683

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-hallway-decor-1024x683
Qantas Hong Kong Lounge decorative hallway mirrors

There is a beautiful looking bar which serves a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Surrounding the bar are plenty of dining tables.

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-bar-1024x683
Qantas Hong Kong Lounge bar
OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-bar-wine-glasses-bottles-1024x683
Alcoholic beverages and wine glasses at the bar
OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-beer-selection-1024x683
Qantas Hong Kong Lounge beer selection
OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-seating-area-beside-bar-1024x683
A variety of seating areas surround the bar

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-seating-area-2-1024x683

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-bar-with-dining-area-1024x576
Qantas Hong Kong Lounge bar area seating

The buffet spread is quite decent as well, with a good selection of hot foods, Japanese curry rice, salads and pastries, as well as a special beef brisket egg noodle soup which you can order from the lounge attendants.  I had the Japanese curry rice and the beef brisket, and both were excellent. They even had my favorite childhood yogurt drink, Yakult!

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-buffet-spread-1024x683

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-buffet-spread-2-1024x683

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-buffet-menu-1024x683

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-buffet-spread-3-1024x683

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-buffet-spread-4-1024x683

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-buffet-menu-2-1024x683

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-buffet-spread-5-1024x683

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-braised-beef-brisket-1024x683
Braised beef brisket egg noodle made to order
OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-buffet-spread-7-1024x683
Qantas Hong Kong Lounge Japanese curry rice accompaniments
OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-curry-rice-meal-1024x683
I had a small bowl of the Japanese curry

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-buffet-spread-6-1024x683

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-drink-fridge-533x800
Qantas Hong Kong Lounge buffet drink fridge
OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-wine-alcohol-1024x683
Self-serve alcohol selection
OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-coffee-machine-1024x683
Qantas Hong Kong Lounge coffee machine
OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-snacks-popcorn-chips-1024x683
Qantas Hong Kong Lounge snacks

If you happen to be travelling with a massive group of people, definitely visit the Qantas Hong Kong Lounge, as you can all enjoy your meals together at one large 12-person round table. It reminds me of the traditional dining tables seen in Chinese households. I don’t know what other lounge has this kind of seating option, but it’s a nice touch!

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-dining-area-seating-with-round-table-2-1024x683
Qantas Hong Kong Lounge round communal dining table
OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-seating-area-communal-table-1024x683
Plenty of comfortable seating areas and dining areas
OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-communal-table-1024x683
Qantas Hong Kong Lounge communal dining table

There’s such a huge availability of seating area in this lounge, and they all look gorgeous. I’ll just let the photos do the talking.

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-seating-area-4-1024x683

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-seating-area-3-1024x683

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-dining-tables-with-a-view-1024x683

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-dining-table-seating-with-qantas-logo-1024x683

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-dining-area-seating-4-1024x683

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-dining-area-seating-1024x683

The lounge overlooks the terminal concourse and offers some amazing views of planes landing on 25R and taxiing into their gates.

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-overlooking-concourse-view-1024x683
The Qantas Hong Kong Lounge overlooks the concourse and the apron
OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-view-klm-747-1024x683
View of a KLM 747 at the gate
OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-view-tarmac-1024x576
Fantastic views of the apron from the Qantas Hong Kong Lounge

One downside of the lounge is the lack of any dedicated relaxation or rest area. There is an area that is a bit more secluded, presumably for passengers to get some rest, but there wasn’t any dedicated sleeping couches or pods like The Pier has.

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-quiet-area-2-1024x683
Qantas Hong Kong Lounge secluded area

At the very end of the lounge is a carpeted kids area, which I thought was a nice thought, but really lacked any “kid content.” There was just a single plastic table, with Cars playing on the TV.

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-kids-play-area-1024x683
Qantas Hong Kong Lounge kid section

I didn’t use the showers, but it looked great and featured Aspar amenities. I loved the large walk-in shower and rainfall shower head.

OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-shower-room-1024x683
Qantas Hong Kong Lounge shower room
OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-shower-aspar-amenities-1024x683
Aspar amenities in the shower rooms
OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-washroom-1024x683
Qantas Hong Kong Lounge restrooms
OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-newspapers-1024x683
Newspaper selection
OneMoreWeekToGo qantas-hong-kong-lounge-magazines-1024x683
Magazine selection

In Summary:

I loved this lounge. The decor is fantastic and the whole lounge just looks and feels great. What truly impressed me was the size of it, given that it is operated by an airline which only operates several flights to Hong Kong daily. You could probably tell from all the photos, but this lounge is a lot less busy than any other lounge I’ve been to in Hong Kong Airport, so it’s perfect for really escaping the crowds. The food selection and quality are great as well, along with the beautiful looking bar. One downside is the lack of dedicated rest areas or sleeping pods. If you’re looking for a lounge to really relax and get some rest, I would argue that Cathay Pacific’s The Pier Lounge is better for that, because they have a quiet relaxation area with comfortable sofa beds. However, if you want something more energizing and spacious with great views of the apron, the Qantas lounge can give you that. It’s also in a great location as it is pretty much right past immigration, so wherever your gate is, dropping by the Qantas lounge before your flight isn’t too much of a detour. If you’re looking for a lounge to visit next time you’re in Hong Kong, I’d definitely recommend the Qantas Hong Kong Lounge.

If you’d like to see a video review of the Qantas Hong Kong Lounge, head over to our YouTube review (This link starts at 0:47, when I enter The Qantas Hong Kong Lounge):

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