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There were several factors that made Royal Hotel Seoul an ideal choice for us to stay in Korea. Firstly, location. The hotel is situated right in Myeong-dong, a hugely popular and trendy area with tons of shopping and restaurants. We were planning to do a lot of shopping in Korea, so being able to drop off stuff at the hotel so easily was super convenient.

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Royal Hotel Seoul in Myeongdong

Secondly, the hotel provided a free airport shuttle service to and from Incheon or Gimpo airport. The pick-up schedule from Incheon airport wasn’t very frequent, but the timing worked out for us. We were picked up from Incheon airport at 8:30pm and dropped off in front of the hotel by 9:40pm.

As Peterson and I were travelling with our friends Fion and Queenie, it was difficult finding hotels that accommodated four people, without resorting to roll-away and sofa beds. Conveniently, Royal Hotel Seoul had a Triple Family room that could fit the four of us comfortably.

The lobby of the hotel was very nice and spacious. It almost had a zen-like feel to it. There was some seating area near the front, while the reception was located further in, down a short hallway. We were pretty tired from our flight at this point, and had slept the entire shuttle ride to the hotel, so we wasted no time getting checked in.

OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-hotel-lobby-entrance-1024x683
Royal Hotel Seoul lobby
OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-hotel-lobby-front-1024x683
Royal Hotel Seoul lobby seating area

Unfortunately, the staff checked us into the wrong room. We had originally booked a Triple Family room that included two single beds and a queen bed. The room we were given only had three single beds. We ended up having to go back down to the reception to get it sorted out, which took another 15 minutes. Finally, we were checked into room 1507.

OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-hallway-room-1507-533x800
Checking into room 1507

Entering the room, the washroom was located on the left, the wardrobe was on the right, while the rest of the room was straight on. There was a separate room just for the toilet, which was convenient in the mornings when all four of us were trying to get ready at the same time. It was also a fancy toilet with the bidet features and odor removal.

OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-toilet-533x800
Separate toilet room

The water pressure was excellent, but I wish it was a walk-in shower instead of a bathtub. The brand of the bathroom amenities were “Aromatherapy Associates London”.

OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-bathroom-533x800
Bathroom with separated toilet room
OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-bathroom-sink-1024x683
Bathroom sink
OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-bathroom-amenities-1024x683
Shower amenities, “Aromatherapy Associates London”
OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-bathroom-accessories-1024x683
Bathroom glassware
OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-luggage-rack-533x800
Luggage rack
OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-safe-1024x683
Room safe
OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-slippers-1024x683
OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-coat-hangar-1024x683
Wardrobe coat hangars
OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-bathrobe-533x800

Further into the room on the left side was the business desk with several different power ports available. The fridge was located underneath the desk.

OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-desk-bar-533x800
Desk and bar
OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-desk-power-outlets-1024x683
Different power outlets available
OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-desk-drawer-1024x683
Accessories in the desk drawer

To the right of it was a shelf with plenty of glassware for coffee and tea. Three complimentary waters were provided.

OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-glassware-water-1024x683
Complimentary water and bar glasswares
OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-cups-teapot-boiler-1024x683
Coffee / tea glassware

A Nespresso coffee machine was available, with a small selection of Nespresso capsules.

OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-nespresso-machine-533x800
Nespresso Machine
OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-coffee-1024x683
Coffee and Nespresso capsules

The three beds were lined up one after the other, and were pretty comfortable to sleep on. A TV was mounted on the wall in front of the queen bed.

OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-beds-1024x683
Triple Family Room contains a queen bed and two single beds.
OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-tv-1024x683
TV facing the queen bed, while a window faced the two single beds.

Above the side table were room controls mounted on the headboard.

OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-room-controls-1024x683
Room controls mounted on the headboard between the beds
OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-tv-remote-1024x683
Room TV remote
OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-thermostat-533x800
Room thermostat

Looking out the window, you could see many dense high rises, but otherwise not much in the way of views.

OneMoreWeekToGo royal-hotel-seoul-myeongdong-room-view-1024x683
View from the 15th floor, Room 1507

In Summary

My favorite thing about this hotel is its LOCATION. With immediate access to the lively Myeong-dong shopping district, and just a few minutes walk from the closest metro station, the hotel is in a great central point to explore the city from. The airport shuttle is a plus, but the infrequent pick-up / drop-off schedule may not work for some flights. Our room was clean and had most of the amenities you would need, including free wifi. I just wish the bathroom had a walk-in shower, which would have been perfect! All in all, I would highly recommend this hotel if you’re spending several days in Seoul and plan to do a lot of shopping, especially in the Myeong-dong area.

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