Review – Barcelona Sala Miró VIP Lounge

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Barcelona Airport

As this was my family’s first time taking Emirates, we were all really excited to head to the airport early, in order to give ourselves plenty of time to soak up the experience. We had a 10:40pm departure out of Terminal 1 that night, so we decided to take the 6:30pm airport train from Barcelona Sants train station to Terminal 2. From there, we took the airport green shuttles to Terminal 1.

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Barcelona Airport Terminal 1

Terminal 1 of Barcelona Airport looks very modern, featuring a curvy design found in many other airports. Upon entering the terminal, my first thought was that the air conditioning wasn’t working, as it was extremely warm inside.  I usually have a pretty high tolerance for heat, so when you hear me complaining, you know it’s hot.

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Emirates Check In Counters

As we walked towards the Emirates check-in area, we were greeted by the Emirates staff right away, who promptly directed us to the business class counter.  The agents were friendly, and we were quickly issued our boarding passes.

Sala Miró VIP Lounge

After clearing immigration, it was a short walk to Emirate’s partner lounge, Sala Miró VIP.

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Sala Miró Lounge Entrance

The Sala Miro VIP lounge is located right after immigration on the left hand side by the D gates, and can be accessed by taking an elevator down. The lounge can get crowded at times, since it is a contract lounge used by multiple airlines.

The reception and entrance of the lounge was bright and spacious, and featured a flight departure board.  I’ve always been fascinated by departure boards, and can’t help but stop to take a look at the different flights scheduled.

OneMoreWeekToGo barcelona-sala-miro-vip-lounge-reception-1024x768
Sala Miró Lounge Reception
OneMoreWeekToGo barcelona-sala-miro-vip-lounge-flight-board-1024x768
Barcelona Airport Departure Board

We settled into some lounge chairs for a bit, but as the area got more crowded, we went to take a look at the food and beverage options.  Unfortunately there wasn’t much to offer; It was mostly sandwiches and some finger food.

OneMoreWeekToGo barcelona-sala-miro-vip-lounge-food-display-1024x768
Sala Miró Lounge Food Options
OneMoreWeekToGo barcelona-sala-miro-vip-lounge-drink-display-1024x768
Sala Miró Lounge Beverages
OneMoreWeekToGo barcelona-sala-miro-vip-lounge-quiet-area-1024x768
Sala Miró Lounge Quiet Area

After eating, I decided to take a shower to freshen up before heading to the gate. In order to use the shower facility, I had to go pick up a set of shower amenities from the reception, which included a towel, shampoo, and body wash. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get a good photo of the shower area as it was too dark.

OneMoreWeekToGo barcelona-sala-miro-vip-lounge-shower-package-768x1024
Sala Miró Lounge Shower Amenities

After another 30 minutes of rest in the lounge, we headed towards the gate for our flight to Dubai.

OneMoreWeekToGo barcelona-sala-miro-vip-lounge-view-concourse-1024x768
Sala Miró Lounge Concourse View

In Summary:

Overall, the lounge was decent for a contract lounge and was comfortable enough for a short stay. The lounge had all the basic amenities and included a decent shower facility, which is definitely a plus just before a late flight.  The food and beverage options were decent, but nothing to rave about.  All in all, the lounge is a nice place to freshen up if you have the time, but don’t go out of your way to check it out.

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