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We landed in Seoul around 6:30pm, and after clearing customs, grabbing our bags and purchasing sim cards, it was already close to 7:30pm. We exited the terminal and hired a jumbo taxi, as we had three people and seven pieces of luggage. The cost of the jumbo taxi from Incheon to our hotel was roughly ~80,000 KRW. (~$90 CAD)

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Fancy LED lighting in the jumbo taxi

For the duration of our 5-day stay in Seoul, we stayed at the Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel, which is a category 3 SPG property. The hotel isn’t the most conveniently located or central, but we were able to secure the room with a good rate. The closest metro station (Express Bus Terminal Station) is about a 7 min walk away, and there are some restaurants about a 5 min walk away.

OneMoreWeekToGo sheraton_seoul_palace_gangnam_hotel_sign-1024x683
Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel Entrance
OneMoreWeekToGo sheraton_seoul_palace_gangnam_hotel_exterior-1024x683
Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel

The lobby of the hotel was spacious with lots of ambient lighting.  There was a short line, but pretty soon we were checked into room 833, a deluxe twin room on the 8th floor.

OneMoreWeekToGo sheraton_seoul_palace_gangnam_hotel_reception_2-1024x683
Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel Reception
OneMoreWeekToGo sheraton_seoul_palace_gangnam_hotel_lobby-1024x683
Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel Lobby

We took one of the four elevators up to our floor.

OneMoreWeekToGo sheraton_seoul_palace_gangnam_hotel_lobby_elevators-533x800
Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel Elevators
OneMoreWeekToGo sheraton_seoul_palace_gangnam_hotel_directory-593x800
Directory of the hotel
OneMoreWeekToGo sheraton_seoul_palace_gangnam_hotel_hallway-1024x683
Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel hallway
OneMoreWeekToGo sheraton_seoul_palace_gangnam_hotel_hallway_sofa-1024x683
Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel hallway
OneMoreWeekToGo sheraton_seoul_palace_gangnam_hotel_room_door-533x800
We were checked into room 833

The room was rather small, and consisted of two beds; a queen for my parents and a single for myself. There is a ledge along one length of the room which is useful for placing your luggage on. A TV is mounted on the wall facing the beds, and a desk and chair are available facing the window. With our enormous amount of luggage, there wasn’t much room for walking around after we got settled in.

OneMoreWeekToGo sheraton_seoul_palace_gangnam_hotel_room-1024x683
Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel room
OneMoreWeekToGo sheraton_seoul_palace_gangnam_hotel_room_2-1024x683
Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel room

The washroom is immediately on the right after entering the room, through a sliding door. The sliding door design was ridiculous, as it left a wide 1 inch gap that you could easily see through, even when closed fully.

OneMoreWeekToGo sheraton_seoul_palace_gangnam_hotel_bathroom_sink-533x800
Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel bathroom
OneMoreWeekToGo sheraton_seoul_palace_gangnam_hotel_bathroom_shower-533x800
Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel showers

The washroom itself was very standard, and unfortunately did not include a walk-in shower. I didn’t appreciate the aluminum blinds, which felt out of place and were pretty worn out. The glass panel on the bathtub did not extend far enough to keep the water from splashing out onto the floor.

OneMoreWeekToGo sheraton_seoul_palace_gangnam_hotel_bathroom_amenities-1024x683
Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel bathroom amenities

Bathrobes and slippers were provided.

OneMoreWeekToGo sheraton_seoul_palace_gangnam_hotel_slippers_bathrobe-1024x683
Bathrobe and slippers provided

A fridge is located underneath the desk, stocked with a selection of drinks.

OneMoreWeekToGo sheraton_seoul_palace_gangnam_hotel_room_fridge-533x800
Fridge offers a small selection of beverages

Two complimentary waters are provided.

OneMoreWeekToGo sheraton_seoul_palace_gangnam_hotel_coffee_water-533x800
Complimentary water and coffee

Some books are provided on this bookcase, which look like they’ve been sitting here collecting dust for a while. Does anyone actually read hotel books?

OneMoreWeekToGo sheraton_seoul_palace_gangnam_hotel_books-533x800
Books provided on the small bookshelf
OneMoreWeekToGo sheraton_seoul_palace_gangnam_hotel_dresser-533x800
Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel wardrobe

The lights, temperature, and ‘do not disturb’ / ‘make up room’ lights can be controlled from the side table between the two beds.

OneMoreWeekToGo sheraton_seoul_palace_gangnam_hotel_light_controls-1024x683
Room controls from the side table

Alternatively, the room temperature can be controlled on the thermostat.

OneMoreWeekToGo sheraton_seoul_palace_gangnam_hotel_air_conditioning-533x800

In Summary:

I can’t speak for the other room types, but I thought that the deluxe twin room at the Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel lacked a bit of polish, considering it is a 5-star hotel. The sliding washroom door seemed sloppy, as well as the awkward aluminum blinds that were used. Being a three-person room, I thought the room was quite cramped and not spacious enough. Finally, the hotel isn’t in a particularly convenient area or location, so I can’t really recommend it unless you are getting a great rate and you don’t need to head into the city very frequently.

Have you stayed at the Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel before? How was your stay compared to mine? We’d love to hear what you think in the comments. You can also let us know what you thought about this review!  If you want more reviews like this one, subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates and flight/hotel reviews.

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