Review – Thai Airways Business Class – Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur – 777-300ER

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Several months before our Asia trip, we noticed that Thai Airways was offering some reasonable business class fares for the short flight from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur. We had never flown Thai Airways, so we decided to give them a try to see what they had to offer. Additionally, Thai Airways recently scheduled their Internationally-configured 777 to fly this route, which would allow us to get a quick glimpse of their long haul business class seats.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-boeing-777-300er
Thai Airways Boeing 777-300ER at BKK

We were scheduled on an afternoon flight, but decided to take a taxi to the airport much earlier at 9:30am. Thankfully, we arrived in one piece thirty minutes later, after an extremely aggressive taxi ride. There were several close calls where I thought we might get into an accident.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-terminal-2
Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-terminal-1
International Terminal at BKK

Thai Airways has a dedicated check-in aisle at row A for their Royal First (First Class) and Royal Silk (Business Class) passengers. We were quickly greeted by one of the Thai Airways staff, who was initially puzzled why we would arrive at the airport so early for an afternoon flight.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-check-in-sign-row-a
Thai Airways Royal First / Royal Silk Check In Area
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-check-in-sign
Thai Airways Royal Silk Check-In Signage

The check-in counter was really efficient, and I especially loved how you can check-in while sitting down. We quickly got our boarding passes sorted, and were directed to the fast track security lane just past the counters. Security was a breeze, and after five minutes, we were on our way to departures.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-check-in-counter
Thai Airways Royal Silk Check-In Area

Suvarnabhumi is an airport of many lounges. Since we had so much time before our flight, we decided to do some lounge hopping. The lounges we visited include the Thai Royal Silk Lounge, the EVA Air Lounge and the Singapore SilverKris Lounge. To keep this post to a reasonable length, I’ll be reviewing those lounges in separate posts.

We also spent some time just wandering around the airport admiring the beautiful architectural design.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-airport-signature
Fantastic architecture at BKK
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-terminal-3
Stunning airport design

One really cool thing about Thai Airways is the fact that they offer complimentary massages to Royal Silk Passengers (30 mins) and Royal First Passengers (60 mins). After checking out the many different lounges, we made one final stop at the Royal Orchid Spa to receive our free massages. The Royal Orchid Spa is located at Concourse D on level 3 near gate D1.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-royal-orchid-spa-entrance
Thai Airways Royal Orchid Spa entrance

The receptionist scanned our boarding passes and gave us a form to fill out before leading us into the waiting area. We were served a drink and a really cold towel while we waited for our masseuse, who arrived about 10 minutes later to take us into the massage room. The massage was a great way to relax and unwind before the flight.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-royal-orchid-spa-waiting-area
Royal Orchid Spa waiting area
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-royal-orchid-spa-drink
Royal Orchid Spa – tea and cold towel
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-royal-orchid-spa
Royal Orchid Spa

By the time we finished our massage, it was almost time for boarding. Thankfully, our plane was leaving from gate D2, which was just a short 2 minute walk from the Royal Orchid Spa. There was a short queue at the gate to check the boarding passes before we were let through into the waiting area.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-boeing-777
Our ride to Kuala Lumpur, a Thai Airways 777-300ER

Boarding commenced shortly afterwards starting with Star Alliance Elites and Business Class passengers. We boarded through the first set of doors in the front of the plane and were greeted by two friendly flight attendants.

Thai Airway’s Internationally-configured 777s have a 1-2-1 staggered seating configuration, similar to the layout on ANA’s 777-300ER that we flew from SFO to HND.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-cabin-2
Thai Airways 777-300ER Business Cabin

For this flight, Peterson had selected the bulkhead seat 19A, while I was seated in the next window seat 21A. Both of these seats were in the rear business class cabin.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-seat-21a-2
Seat 21A, a window seat in the rear business class cabin

My first impression was that the seat was fairly private, as window seats in these configurations usually are. The seat materials did feel a bit worn out, and the colors and style a bit dated, but it was comfortable.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-seat-21a-3
Seat 21a legroom
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-seat-3
Seat pillow

There wasn’t a whole lot of storage space – there was a small-ish compartment below the armrest for small to medium sized personal items, but other than that, no where to really put larger items. You could put them underneath the ottoman, but I never really liked putting anything there besides my shoes. The surface area of the side table left a bit to be desired, compared to a similar configuration on ANA.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-seat-2
Side table and storage

The seat controls and IFE controller were located on the side of the seat, just above the armrest. They were intuitive enough to use.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-ife-controller-seat-controls
Seat controls and IFE controller

Above the side table, an adjustable LED reading lamp is provided, with the literature pocket adjacent to it.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-literature-pocket-led-reading-lamp
LED Reading Lamp and Literature Pocket

The tray table unlatches from the seatback in front and swings out. It’s decently sized and you can adjust it forward or backwards depending on your seat orientation.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-tray-table
Tray Table

After settling into my seat, the flight attendant came by for an introduction and took my order for the pre-departure drink and meal after takeoff.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-pre-departure-beverage-hot-towel
Pre-departure drink and hot towel

Judging by how quick our boarding completed and the many empty seats, I assumed our flight wasn’t too full.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-wing-view-engine
Wing view during push-back

We pushed back on time and taxied along a Thai 747 and several parked Thai 787s and A350s in the remote stands.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-747
Thai’s Queen of the Skies

Our plane took off on runway 19L and had a very gradual climb with views of the surrounding suburbs and farmland.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-take-off-view-v2
Climbing out of BKK

Once we reached cruising altitude, the flight attendants started prepping the cabin for meal service. For my meal, I selected the Roast Marinated Chicken in Green Curry, which was extremely delicious. Since it was a fairly short flight, the meal came in one tray with the appetizer and dessert. The appetizer was a Grilled Chicken Salad, while the dessert consisted of Pandan Sticky Rice Jelly with Mango and Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry Filling. I paired it with a green tea, which was an odd combo, but I didn’t see anything else I wanted to drink.

Check out the full menu scans below for the other available options.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-menu-cuisine-cover
Menu – Cuisine
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-menu-beverages-cover
Menu – Beverages
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-meal-2
Roast Marinated Chicken with Green Curry
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-green-tea
Green Tea
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-coffee
Also enjoyed a coffee after the meal
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-menu-cuisine-739x1024
Meal choices
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-beverages-739x1024

After the meal, I briefly browsed through the IFE selection, which seemed to be pretty decent. I didn’t end up watching anything however, and just sat back and relaxed, watching the air show as we approached Kuala Lumpur.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-ife-controller
IFE Controller
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-headphones
Noise-cancelling headset
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-ife-welcome-screen
IFE Welcome Screen
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-ife-flight-show
IFE Air Show
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-ife-flight-show-map
IFE Flight Map

The washroom provided L’Occitane amenities.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-washroom-amenities
Washroom amenities
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-cabin-1
Cabin mood lighting
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-cabin
Cabin mood lighting – dim

Check out some of the amazing light we saw during our approach into KUL.

OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-wing-view
Approach into KUL
OneMoreWeekToGo onemoreweektogo-thai-airways-tg-417-business-class-bangkok-kuala-lumpur-bkk-kul-wing-view-3
Approach into KUL

In Summary

Flying with Thai’s Royal Silk class out of Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) was fantastic. The dedicated check-in counter and security lane was a great time-saver. Along with access to the many different lounges at BKK and a 30 minute Thai Massage at the Royal Orchid Spa before the flight, the Thai Royal Silk experience was definitely worth it. The food, seat, and friendly service from the flight attendants made this short 2 hour flight a really memorable experience. The food on-board was exceptional as well, especially the curry dish. The short flight on an Internationally-configured 777 was an affordable way to sample Thai Airway’s International Business Class. Given the chance, I’d definitely want to try their long haul flights in the future.

For a more cinematic experience, check out the trip report to go along with this review! We’ve also included a brand new intro clip with this one 🙂

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